Major Changes in Criminal Law that Will Directly Affect You

Last Updated on February 25, 2023 by asifa

You may have heard that there are some major changes in criminal law. The Supreme Court recently made its decision on the case of Williams v. Louisiana, which could have a big impact on how courts handle sentencing for minors convicted of homicide. If you want to know more about these changes and what they will mean for your life, read this article! Your criminal defense attorney in Tampa will know these already.

The “Stand Your Ground” Law

This law was recently expanded to include protection outside the home, which may prove beneficial for individuals attacked by other people while not on their property. Now, if you feel threatened or at risk for bodily harm when out and about, you will be able to use this defense against your attacker. It might even allow you to retaliate with force if you truly feel that your life is in danger.

The “Williams v. Louisiana” Case

This case dealt with the juvenile offender convicted of murder at age 14 and sentenced to mandatory life imprisonment without parole. The Supreme Court ruled that this sentence does not fit his crime, which means he will be given a new sentence or be freed. This case is very important because it will also affect other cases where young offenders are given similarly harsh punishments.

Police Officers are now Allowed to Seize Property without Getting a Warrant

If police officers suspect that your property is related to criminal activity, they may now seize it and hold onto it until the investigation is complete. This gives them more power than before; they can take any item used as evidence in a trial or might contain such information without getting legal authorization first.

Agencies are Required to Report all Officer-involved Deaths and Injuries

This law mandates that all public entities, including state and local police agencies, report any instance where an officer is involved in killing or injury. The name of the deceased individual will be recorded, and information regarding their age, race, ethnicity, etc. This data will help us to see better which demographics are affected by police brutality and violence.

Concealing Identity is Now a Felony in Several States

In some states, it is now against the law to conceal your identity if you are participating in a protest or other activity that involves obstructing traffic and the public. This may seem like it goes against our first amendment rights, but these laws were created to help fight terrorism and gang violence.

Colorado and Washington are the two states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use, which means you can buy it from a licensed shop or dispensary. It is still illegal at the federal level, but this will not stop people from using it. Whether you support marijuana legalization or not, this new law could have some interesting effects on crime rates and drug trafficking in these states as well as those that border them. However, keep in mind that there is still no federal law legalizing weed at this time; only medical marijuana has been approved by Congress so far.

While some of these changes might be scary or even threatening, they are meant to protect individuals from the criminal justice system and help us better identify where we need improvement in our legal practices. Anyone accused of a crime should still seek professional assistance as soon as possible to get the most out of your defense strategy.

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