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What is a shower enclosure?

A shower enclosure is basically cubicle-type panels to protect your bathroom from splashes of water and for giving a clutter-free look by enclosing your shower area. You can have a variety of options to enclose your shower such as sliding doors and glass panels, etc. Before going for a shower enclosure, keep this thing in mind that it must have proper drainage, provided by a shower tray. There are a number of shapes, styles and sizes available for shower enclosures that you can opt for as per your own choice.

Matki Illusion

Showers offered by Matki are not only best in quality but they are a preferred choice of homeowners to give a beautiful style to their bathrooms. These shower enclosures with a tray come in a chrome finish that gives a smooth look to the overall space. This shower enclosure is with 8mm solid safety door glass that is durable and a perfect choice for using it in a long run. The high-quality solid brass hinges and handles are just perfect with maximum durability. The Aluminum and mirror-polished stainless steel framing give the enclosure a classic look to make it the central point in your bathroom.

The integrated Stone Resin Acrylic-capped shower tray with glass is securely inserted into an innovative sealed channel to direct the water flow to the drainage point in your bathroom, saving your time and energy from being indulged in cleaning the after mess. A 10-year guarantee makes it worth having a choice for lifetime use.

Why You Need to have a Shower Enclosure?

Some important aspects make the Matki illusion a perfect choice for getting a perfect shower enclosure at your place. A few of them have been described here.

Spacious Look of Bathroom

Having a glass shower enclosure can make your bathroom look spacious, in case, if you have a small bathroom. It gives a relatively wide appearance to your bathroom than it actually has. You need to include every important feature in your bathroom at the same time but it should be kept in mind that your bathroom must not give a jumbled look. The glass shower enclosure gives the illusion of space because of its glass partition. On the other hand, if you have a shower curtain or other types of enclosures, they will make your bathroom looking like a tiny area.

Low Maintenance Is Required

Glass showers require very little maintenance as compared to other types. A protective coating on the glass helps in reducing the spots of water, making it spotless and clear for a long time of use. These glass shower enclosures are easy to clean. After taking a shower, all you need to do is to use a spray cleaner on the glass doors and leave it open for a while, so in case of even mild humidity, it would be removed and the shower enclosure will be ready to get used once again.


Matki Illusion is a reliable product offered by Matki that has made its name in the world of best bathroom products. The full range of Matki bathroom products can be seen at Nexus that promises to provide customers all across the UK with bathroom items in high quality and economical range.


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