Natural language

Natural language is how humans communicate with each other. Natural Language Processing, or the NLP in AI, enables the computer to understand and interpret the input, the human language, and respond using the natural language.

Mostly the computers or machines powered by the NLP solutions can read the text, hear the voice, interpret and understand. The device can take the correct and appropriate action based on the received input. In simple words, we can say that the Natural language processing services allow the machines to communicate with the humans in human language. 

NLP has the advance in the technique and learning from the different disciplines, which include the:

  1. Applied Linguistics
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Computer Science
  4. Statistics

Natural Language Generation

It is the process of producing meaningful phrases and sentences in the natural language from some internal representation. It generally involves the three stages, which are listed below:

  • Text Planning
  • Sentence Planning
  • Text Realization

Text Planning

It usually retrieves the relevant content from the knowledge base.

Sentence Planning

It involves choosing the required words that form the meaningful phrases and the sentences.

Text Realization

Text Realization is generally used to map the sentence plan into the sentence structure.

Ambiguity and Uncertainty in Language

Ambiguity is mainly used in the natural language processing solution and can have the ability to understand more than one way. Natural Language is very much ambiguous. NLP has the following kind of ambiguities, which are listed below:

  • Lexical Ambiguity
  • Syntactic Ambiguity
  • Semantic Ambiguity
  • Anaphoric Ambiguity
  • Pragmatic Ambiguity

Lexical Ambiguity

The Ambiguity as a single word is generally known as the lexical Ambiguity. The word usually carries more than one meaning. It is resolved to some extent using the parts of speech tagging technique.

Syntactic Ambiguity

If a single sentence is parsed in many different ways, then this type of Ambiguity is known as the syntactic Ambiguity. It is also called the grammatical Ambiguity.

Semantic Ambiguity

This king of Ambiguity generally occurs when the meaning of the single world itself can be misinterpreted. 

Anaphoric Ambiguity

Anaphoric Ambiguity usually occurs due to the use of the Anaphora entities in discourse.

Pragmatic Ambiguity

When the multiple interpretations occur in the context of the sentence, the pragmatic Ambiguity takes place.

How Are Natural Language Processing solutions works?

The natural language in which the computer usually communicates by taking all the instructions. The following steps are required for the below processing:

  • Humans to Computer Communication
  • Computer Parsing
  • Language Processing
  • Computer to the Human Communication

Humans to Computer Communication

The first step in the natural language processing solutions is so simple. A human must convey the computer to do something. This could be a piece of information in any action it wants the computer to initiate. The human can get so many ways, like typing a request, by providing the computer with the natural language data such as the web pages.

Computer Parsing

In the next step, the computer should parse the data they receive from the human, So this is the form they can understand and process. When someone types a request to the computer, they don’t need parsing. But when the human provides the computer with any data file, such as a web page, the computer must compulsorily parse the data. The data will be converted into text to act upon.

But the process is complicated when the human directly speaks to the computer. Because the computer first properly needs to transcribe the audio into text. Sometimes the AI language often has homonyms which are the words that spell different and sound different.

When the computer comes upon these words, it should be able to identify the correct one using semantic processing. It should understand the context of the word being used and understand what is spoken.

Language Processing

This is the most important and the most complex step in the natural processing algorithms in which the AI software applies to the data. This breaks down both the syntax and the semantics of the data language.

Among many syntactical techniques, some commonly in use are listed below:

  • Reduce the inflected word form through the process which is known as lemmatization
  • Breaking down the powerful words into some smaller segments is known as morphemes.
  • Identify the parts of speech.
  • Performing the identification of a grammatical error in the sentences.
  • Among many semantical techniques, some of the commonly used methods are the following.
  • Identifying and grouping the pieces of text.
  • Using something known as the disambiguation provides the word’s meaning, which is typically based on its context.
  • Applying the data set in the database to determine the semantic intention of a given word.
  • When something goes wrong in the natural language processing solutions, it mostly depends on this step. When the software misinterprets the meaning of the entire sentence, it usually leads to poor and even nonsensical results. 

Computer to Human Communication

The final step is the reverse of the first step in this process, and it’s just a simple step. In this step, the computer usually returns the result to the human. The result can be in any form like the textual reply, a data file, or the playing of the audio file.

Natural Processing Applications

In today’s world, the natural processing language consulting application is everywhere. We are using them in our everyday life without knowing about them. Here are some of the examples of the natural language application available

  • Translation Apps
  • Grammar Checker
  • Personal Assistant Application

Translation Apps

Translation apps are available more recently, like google translate, which allows you to translate text from one natural language into another. This program has improved over time in today’s world because of the advances in natural language processing.

Grammar Checker

Like the translation apps, the grammar checker is also available for more than a decade. Early days the grammar checker was not proper most people did not even bother using them. But nowadays, the word grammar has improved a lot, and most people have started using the tool. The NLP Development company called Grammarly has free plugins where people check the grammar on the web. Natural language processing consulting improves the grammar checkers to find and correct any grammar problems.

Personal Assistant Applications

If you have any computing device, you can use a personal assistant such as the Siri, Cortana, or Alexa. At the heart of the systems, the natural language processing services play a significant role in taking all your commands and providing the pieces of information or acting on or acting upon your request.

In the future, the natural language processing services may eliminate the need for user interfaces in computer applications, which means translating what you want to do into something that a computer can understand. If the laptop understands fully without the need for any intermediaries, UI will automatically become redundant.


Natural language processing consulting will be a trend in many big companies. An NLP development company like Google is experimenting with the Deep Neural Network to push the NLP’s limits. 

It makes the human-to-machine interaction just like the human-to-human interaction. The human-to-machine interaction will be higher and more accurate in the future. The machine can do all the work according to the instruction given by the humans.

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