Photographer In Asheville Questions Before Hiring Wedding Photographer In Elopement

Are you looking for a Blue Ridge Mountain wedding? As a wedding photographer in Asheville and Charlotte, North Carolina, We made it our personal aim to provide couples planning a wedding day with romantic, natural, and documentary style photographs for any destination in the United States and around the world. As your wedding photographer, weI like being able to express your love storey and provide couples with a photojournalistic wedding experience. Photographing couples in natural and organic wedding locales and venues offers me the most joy. The mountains of North Carolina, the cobblestone streets of Charleston, South Carolina, and farm weddings amid the rolling hills and vineyards of Virginia are among these venues. We enjoy travelling and believe photographing weddings in new places to be a unique and enjoyable experience. As your wedding photographer, we adore being able to provide a personalised experience of documenting your love storey.


In the selecting process, the personality of a wedding photographer is really important. This one factor alone can make or break your relationship with your wedding photographer. Everyone has their own personality, and not everyone’s personality will complement yours. Don’t be hesitant to spend some one-on-one time with wedding photographers you’re considering so you can get a sense of their personalities.


Every photographer’s stylistic approach to wedding photography is absolutely distinctive, much like their personality. As a signature of their brand and vision as an artist, everyone adds their own distinctive spin to their images. It’s critical for us to get to know my couples and establish relationships with them since our approach is so personal and emotional. We admire people who are attentive, romantic, sentimental, and intentional about wedding day details and who are detail-oriented in a personal and heartfelt way.

In Asheville, How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Cost?

Looking For an Asheville Wedding photographer? It all depends on what you’re after! For a full day of photography coverage, a wedding photographer in Asheville will cost between $2,500 and $6,000. The cost will vary depending on the photographer and the type of business they operate. Eloping or having a tiny intimate wedding might save you a lot of money.

When looking for a photographer in Asheville, make sure to inquire if they have insurance and what their post-wedding photo backup system is. These are two extremely crucial factors to consider while choosing the ideal photographer for your wedding day.

Questions Before Hiring Wedding Photographer In Elopement

Elopements have become a popular outdoor alternative to typical weddings in recent years. It’s not because they want to elope and marry in secret from their parents. When marriages were more commonly arranged, such was the old definition of elopement. The concept of elopement has changed over time to include a secret exchange of vows in a unique setting. Today’s couples choose to elope, walk, and camp in the most isolated and gorgeous settings, either alone or with a small group of family members.

The elopement photographer is hired to capture the couple’s personal storey and preserve the entire adventure with dramatic photographs to display at home. This is why you should hire a professional elopement photographer. Make a good job of it. In 2015 and 2017, as a pioneer in the adventure wedding photography movement, I was the first to capture a wedding couple climbing up to Mt. Everest base camp. The bride and groom dressed for their wedding in hiking boots and backpacks, which was unheard of at the time.

Couples are eager to find adventurous places for their wedding photos now that the movement has evolved. The purpose of this essay is to highlight the importance of having a professional photographer to capture everything. I’ve included some questions and suggestions for identifying and hiring a fantastic elopement photographer below.


1. Does the photographer have any prior experience?

Knowledge, wisdom, and finally expert guru status are earned via experience, just as they are in any other job. The more experience a photographer has, the more he or she will be able to maximise the potential available, especially in difficult situations. When I first started out as a photographer, I believed I was very excellent. I was a thinker. I sent my work to prestigious journals, but they told me I wasn’t good enough. It was painful, but I persisted. I continued to learn more by reading and doing new tricks, as well as studying the masters. As I’ve progressed over the years, appearing on the front pages of major publications, and being recognised for my style, I’ve come to realise that my early work had significant problems.

Any seasoned elopement photographer knows that the more weddings they photograph, the better they grasp the many aspects of the business. To name a few, lighting, particularly on your couples’ faces, composition, capturing epic landscapes, guiding and directing your couples to look ridiculously awesome, camera lenses that work best, angles that don’t flatter, capturing sunsets and stars, safety awareness and outdoor survival skills (for mountain elopements), to name a few.

2. Wedding Albums and Galleries – Does the photographer have any albums or online galleries that you may look at?

This one is simple if they have prior experience. Your photographer should be able to show off a wedding album, a gallery, or both. An online gallery is a collection of wedding or elopement photos provided to the couple as part of their service. Couples can view, download, and purchase prints from most photographers’ web galleries. It demonstrates how they work with their photographs. You get a solid sense of their style and work. This allows you to see the entire day instead of just the finest photographs on Instagram or their website.

Wedding albums, on the other hand (the printed book copies), are the final edited print version of their wedding day, which most likely includes advanced Photoshop. This may be a more accurate representation of the final result. The photographs in the web gallery have had colour and lighting corrected in Adobe Lightroom, with slight touch-up. Score if you can see the album as well as an online gallery.

3. Reviews – What is the general consensus on the photographer?

Most of us read online reviews before buying a product, going to a restaurant, or taking a trip. Why should it be any different when looking for a photographer for your wedding or elopement? Look for reviews on the Knot, Wedding Wire, or Yelp, for example. Here are a few of my reviews in action. You’ll be investing money and putting your trust in someone to look after you professionally. If the photographer doesn’t have any internet reviews, it’s a good idea to be careful. Request permission to speak with a few previous brides who are prepared to share their stories. I’m sure it won’t bother them.

4. Photographer Directing (and Posing) – How does a photographer generate their images?

Will the photographer pose you or direct you, or a combination of the two? First and first, let me state that this is in respect to capturing couples alone. Let’s be honest about it. The majority of couples simply want their photographs to appear authentic, natural, and alive. Real smiles, not the prefabricated robot grins, are what couples crave. By interacting with you, the photographer can sometimes advise and direct couples to capture genuine smiles, laughter, intimacy, closeness, and stillness. Some couples enjoy it when the photographer poses them; others do not. Inquire about the photographer‘s directing/posing philosophy and approach. Examine the photographs on their website, blog, or Instagram, regardless. All that matters is that you appreciate their look and how the couples express themselves.


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