Every programming language is known for its ability to provide a robust web or desktop solution to fulfill different needs. PHP has occupied the maximum of the web. It is why everybody prefers getting a php web application. The potential of doing creative things with it is now higher because of the continuous improvement in the recent versions. Here are its 7 pleasingly artistic uses for such applications.  

Building a custom template

In maximum cases, the people want a customized web application specifically designed according to their needs. Therefore, they need a new template for this purpose. Every professional php website development company adds new pages to the websites by creating the first in the HTML. All sections of the website developed with the HTML are split to add the .php extension in them. The desired number of dynamic pages can be created this way. Having the desired number of pages as per need will make it easier for you to publish the content. Similarly, the online visitors will also have a smooth experience by having a smooth experience without any long delays. 

Integration of the cloud technology

The ability to integrate the different modules is convincing more people to for choosing it as their web solution. Cloud technology is the biggest need of the current times is also becoming a trend among the people having a dynamic web solution. Of course, a php development Chicago il firm can integrate such technologies into your website as well. It allows you to upload the data that you often need to complete a number of options. Using a cloud framework makes it much easier. The data access is always open for the administrators of the website. They can access it from anywhere and on any device from the world. It reduces the need to carry a laptop along. 

Embedding the add to cart feature

Different types of eCommerce platforms have gained massive popularity between the businesses. These businesses were relying on traditional selling techniques through retail. However, now the web development companies in Chicago have allowed them to enhance the sales volumes. The PHP allows creating an add to cart feature in your eCommerce website. People can surf for the different products and can keep adding them to the purchase list. It is just like putting the products in a trolley at a retail store. Calculated prices are also showed to the customers live, along with adding a product to the cart. It helps to prepare a digital invoice. Is not it a wonderfully creative feature to introduce in a web-based shopping application?  

WordPress plugin development

The various businesses own a content management system (CMS), and mostly it is WordPress. These different types of CMS platforms are written in PHP. The use of different plugins is a common technique in WordPress to enhance its functionalities. Usually, the same php website development company providing the customized WordPress website also provides the needed plugins to fulfill the desired need. Though various types of plugins are already available over the online marketplaces, you can still get a customized plugin specifically to meet your needs. Developers can also make money by building the new plugins and then selling them over the online platforms.  

Addition of security layers

Making a web solution secure is the top priority of everyone. Therefore, they recommend people opt for strong passwords. However, sometimes it becomes a challenge for people to remember lengthy passwords. php development Chicago il firms have developed a creative solution for this problem in the form of two or more than two-step verification. People having a member account over a website have to go through a number of security filters after login. The PHP functions generate a token while accessing the account and sends it to the inbox of online users. People can access their accounts by using putting the requested token numbers in the desired field. 

MYSQL database connectivity 

Every website has a distinctive nature and, ultimately, different requirements. Some web applications require a database to store the needed data. You can use any type of database for this purpose. However, every expert php website development companyprefers using an MYSQL database for this purpose. Connecting the database with the data requests will provide quick results to the people. Various types of websites like eCommerce, sports, or a banking website can benefit from it to enhance the satisfaction of their customers. 

Cookies authentication for visitors

Seeing the cookies notification bar is quite common nowadays. Website management tries maximum to increases their online traffic, and saving the cookies is also a great source in this regard. The use of these cookies in a web application has become possible because of PHP. These cookies store the information of the people and notify them about the last time they visited the same site. On the basis of the same information, some websites also recommend people installing an API of the website through a notification bar. 

Only a few creative uses for a php web application are listed here. The list is much longer. This is the reason that maximum of the web is powered by PHP. Its integration with other programming languages like HTML and CSS is much easier and reliable. Partner with an expert firm to get a reliable solution at a minimal cost.  


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