How To Protect Your Devices In The Internet Of Things?

We live in the world of automation and companies are doing what they can to shift their businesses to automation as much as they can. The digitalization trend gained more impetus during the lockdown when people had no choice but to work from home. IoT is one-step forward to the adoption of digitalization and the pandemic forced us to rely more and more on the internet. This transformation has led to further growth and success of IoT devices. IoT devices require consistent and faster internet speeds. Hence you must ensure subscribing to a reliable internet service provider with high-quality customer service. The first name that strikes your mind in this regard, is Xfinity customer service which sets the benchmark high. So investing in something as reliable as Xfinity or any other top-notch provider is always safe and allows you to enjoy better benefits.

IoT devices are designed to make our lives more convenient and efficient. As we look around, several IoT devices have made their way to our homes, and thus is extremely important to be well aware of security risks and how to stay safe from them. IoT devices usually do not have any inbuilt security that makes them vulnerable to being hacked. Also, most of the IoT devices are interrelated so that maximizes the risks. Hence there is what you can do to protect your IoT devices. Dive in to find out:

Set your Wi-Fi Router Correctly

Your Wi-Fi router is your doorway to your smart home devices. You do not have to wait for some to break in and take control of your IoT devices. So it is better to create a better and more secure smart home by ensuring that your router is set up and placed correctly. After all, it is what your IoT devices will connect to and that is why the role of Wi-Fi is a crucial one.

Change the Default Router Settings

Never stick to the default settings of the router. This is because it is composed of the make and model of the router. Hence, it is very easy to crack for hackers. That means they will be able to enter the default username and password and access your smart home network. So make sure you make use of alphabets, numbers, special characters, and symbols. The password you set should be unique and complicated to ensure maximum protection and keep any intruders away.

Using a Separate Network for IoT Devices

Most of the modern routers provide you the option to create a separate network known as a guest network or secondary network. Thus through this separate network, you are better able to ensure maximum cyber protection and stay safe from any of the IoT threats.

Using the IoT devices through a guest network means they are safe from any cyber threats on the main network. Also, it helps keep you secure and safe from hackers.

Keep IoT Devices Up-To-Date

It is highly recommended that you update your Wi-Fi router’s firmware that might not happen automatically so make sure you check the settings. You can do a manual check every month or two, to make sure you do not miss any of the firmware updates. Most of the IoT devices do not update directly so you have to update.

NGFW or Next-Generation Firewall

The built-in firewall in your router might not be enough to combat the security threats. A typical firewall does not have all the security features like an IPS or protection against malware. Hence it is highly recommended that you make use of the Next-Generation Firewall or NGFW that is an integrated platform capable of traditional firewall along with other security features. Hence it is more powerful and effective in identifying and protecting against malware or hackers.

Keep Track of the Connected Devices

You should also continuously monitor the devices connected to the network. Tracking connected IoT devices help organizations remove any unauthorized devices for better cyber security.

Wrapping Up Even if you buy the more expensive IoT devices from the best manufacturers yet you can not guarantee their security. Hence making use of the aforementioned tips and hacks can help you ensure maximum cyber security and keep your smart home safe from any hacking attempts.

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