realistic drawings

Learn to make realistic drawings. Observing its model will allow you to draw characters, flowers, or animals, respecting the correct proportions of each shape.

According to a recent survey, we observe that the rate of practicing an artistic activity to occupy free time increases as social stratification increases.

7% of farmers declare that they practice an artistic activity only when there is a lot of free time, compared to 16% of artisans and company managers, 24% of managers, and 18% of intermediate professions.

Unfortunately, self-employed workers (farmers, artisans, entrepreneurs) have less time available and have less capital to spend on a cultural activity than managers and intellectual professions of more affluent classes.

Do you want to learn how to draw?

Here are four steps explained how to be successful in your sketches, step by step and by the level of difficulty!

Drawing animals

We draw many animals, especially when we are small: dogs, cats, cows, and horses are among the most loved by children.

But how can we draw our 4-legged friends? Here is a short guide with some indications that will undoubtedly be useful if you want to learn how to draw your favorite animal!

But is it true that it is difficult to draw an animal?

The favorite pet of city dwellers: here’s how to draw a cat, step by step! To learn how to draw a cat, you first need to know its anatomy. To maintain the proportions, we will take the head as the unit of measurement, and we will consider three heads for the length of the body, three heads for the height of the head to the front legs, three heads for the tail, one for the hip and shoulder and finally, two heads for the size of the legs:

  1. Let’s start from the head because it is this part that serves as the basis for the proportions of the body. Create thin, light lines in the beginning.
  2. Then trace the body with the spine, the tail, and the legs.
  3. Once the body is finished, move on to drawing the back legs, then the front ones.
  4. Erase unnecessary lines and create curved lines to emphasize the shape of the cat’s muscles.
  5. We will then move on to the details (the mouth, eyes, mustache, lips, ears, legs, hair). Be careful. Drawing a cat’s fur is complex for a beginner!
  6. We will have to clear some areas and expertly insist on others.

Of course, each animal will require different skills, so it will be necessary to learn to draw each animal separately. Our recommendation, of course, is first to learn to observe animals and their movements. It will allow us to face the art of drawing animals more securely. It is precisely from the observation that everything starts, so learn to observe your cat well before bringing it back on paper!

Draw a flower!

realistic drawings

To make a tree, you need a flower used to say an old song! But it takes a lot of skills to make a flower. Meanwhile, because drawing a flower is not necessarily as simple as it may seem. When we are little, we think that all flowers are as simple to draw as it is simple to draw a daisy. There are many different flowers. And if we want to learn how to draw them all, we need a little experience.

To learn how to draw a red rose, for example, we could do as follows:

  1. Let’s start by making a small circle in the middle of the sheet to make the center of the rose.
  2. So we will draw a crescent starting from this circle, going outwards, to the right, and the left.
  3. All this, creating ever-larger crescents proceeding from the previous one: these are the rose petals.
  4. After two or three rows of crescents, the petals appear more prominent and less rounded.

You could then try drawing a daisy, starting from the stem. The stem is raised upwards, and the flower seeks the light. At the end of this stem, we find the center of the flower, around which the oval petals are distributed in the foreground. Then you will draw the ones in the background, in concentric rows, which overlap. Then make the daisy center – this is perhaps the most challenging part because you need to fill the center with many small, closely spaced circles.

But how do you draw a flower?

We can see that this flower requires a much less advanced drawing technique than that needed to make a human face or to draw a cat!

There are numerous tutorials on the web for drawing pets, cartoon figures, manga figures, vehicles, homes and design works, flowers and flowers, objects, or musical tools. But if you wanted to learn how to draw a beautiful lily flower, a symbol of purity and holiness, one of the most represented flowers in our art history.

How to draw a woman?

Of course, the woman’s body is also very complicated to draw. Here are some suggestions.

Look for inspiration!

We can draw inspiration from a living model, a drawing, a photo, a canvas, a sketch, or a photograph to draw the human body. For example, you can download an image from the web (possibly not covered by copyright) representing a young woman naked or clothed without necessarily being in specific poses.

We can also learn how to draw a girl starting from a drawing! Having acquired the necessary drawing material, we will start with the upper body, specifically the head, shoulders, and torso.

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