5 Reasons Your Friends Are Loving Delta 8 Vape Juice

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Have you heard of any Cannabis that is federally legal yet makes you high? Of course, you have! Delta 8 has become so popular in recent times that it’s hard to be unaware of it. You might have seen your friends, acquaintances, and relatives using D8 vape juices. But why are they obsessed over it?

There are several ways to intake Delta 8 THC, such as edibles, oil, tinctures, and dabs. But the adorable features of D8 vape juices make it one of the top choices for Cannabis enthusiasts. Through this article, you will learn about some of these features.

Benefits of Delta 8 Vape Juices

Here are some reasons why everyone loves D8 vape juices.

Flavors for Every Individual

Though several consumption methods offer various flavors, the variety of flavors available in vape juices is endless. You can find almost every type of flavor you expect from vape juice. It ranges from simple flavors, such as watermelon, orange, berries, to complicated ones, such as variants of menthol and mint.

Moreover, you can also mix two vape juices that carry your favorite flavors. But make sure the flavors complement each other. It will make your inhaling experience full of delight. Vape juice also gives an option to control the flavor by adjusting the temperature of vape pens.

Quick Absorption

Other consumption methods, such as edibles, take time to reach your bloodstream. On the other hand, when you inhale the vapes, they go into the lungs and immediately mix with the bloodstream.

It means you can enjoy the benefits of D8 quickly.

The Therapeutic Benefits of D8 THC

Like other cannabinoids, such as CBD, D8 is also known for its therapeutic benefits. Some of the benefits to expect include relief from anxiety, pain management, inflammation reduction, healthy sleep, etc.

Cannabinoids offer all these benefits through reacting with ECS in the body. Moreover, the negligible side-effects of D8 make it people’s favorite.

Easy to Use and Handy

Carrying Deta 8 vape juices is easy and convenient. You can keep disposable pens or D8 cartridges in your pocket or put them in your handbag. Then whenever you want to use it, pick a disposable pen and begin vaping.

Easily Accessible

With its increasing popularity, you can find a variety of vape juices with vape pens almost everywhere. You can find D8 vape pens in various online and offline outlets. If there is no offline store near you, go for online purchase. 

So now you know why your friends prefer D8 vape juices. Let us explore more about the compound.

Other Methods to Consume D8

Besides vapes, there are various other methods to consume Delta 8 THC. They are:

  • A popular consumption method is D8 gummies. These are similar to CBD gummies, except they contain D8 THC instead of CBD. People who cannot consume vapes because of respiratory issues, allergy to smoke, or dislike towards the bitter taste of D8, prefer gummies. We get these gummies by combining D8 with a flavored gummy base. Edibles, such as gummies, take time to show effect. But their effect lasts longer than other methods. Besides, it gives an option to consume specific dosage conveniently.
  • Another way to consume D8 is through tinctures. For this, manufacturers soak hemp in an alcohol base. It gives out a liquid extract that is easy to administer and gives the potential benefits of d8 THC. You have to keep it under your tongue, wait for some seconds for absorption, and then swallow. Tinctures are available in a variety of flavors and potencies. It has a high bioavailability, meaning it shows effect in a short period after consumption. A key challenge with the tincture of oils is the incapability to consume accurate dosage.
  • D8 distillates are a not-so-known, concentrated form of D8 THC. It carries 5% CBD, 65% THC, and other terpenes and cannabinoids in minimal amounts. You should purchase distillates only from a reputed brand because some brands use toxic bleaches to make tinctures look cleaner. You can consume distillates through dabs, edibles, and joints.

The amount of D8 is low in hemp plants. So manufacturers prepare d8 from CBD in a lab and then make all these D8 products.

Factors that Affect Your D8 Vape Juice Experience

You can make your experience with D8 THC vape juices better by making choices. Here are some of them:

Consumption Method

The consumption method you pick widely affects your experience. You can use different vape pens, such as pods, mods, disposable pens, etc. Pick wisely for the best experience.

For instance, if you want to consume it quickly, go for disposable pens. But if you need control over temperature and throat hit, go for pods with an option to customize your experience.


Like CBD and Delta 9 THC, D8 is also available in different strains, namely Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. The type of strain decides terpenes and the amount of D8, affecting your experience.

Hemp Flower

The type of hemp flower used to extract CBD also affects your experience. These flowers have a high CBD content, making the high by D8 more balanced. So, before picking the D8 product, check their extraction method.


The types and amount of terpene play a significant role in determining your exposure to D8. They are aromatic compounds responsible for the intense fragrances of Cannabis plants. But the use of terpenes does not end in scent. It also contains neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties with the potential to affect the quality of your life.

You should pick the bouquet of terpenes in your product according to the effects you expect from it. For instance, if you want relaxation or sleep, go for a product with a high myrcene level. But if you’re going to boost your physical energy or memory power, go for a product that contains pinene.

By combining these factors, you can get a unique exposure every time you consume D8 THC vape juices.


The high bioavailability and ease of consumption make vape juices one of the most loved choices. Moreover, with the types of devices available in the market, you can enhance your experience. One of the best things about D8 THC is that it is federally legal. Being a hemp derivative, federal laws legalize its use through Farm Bill, 2018. That is another reason behind its widespread popularity. If you are still confused over the hype of D8 THC vape juices, experience it yourself and determine whether it’s overrated or underrated!

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