The waist trainers have become very popular in past two decades. Earlier, it was used by celebrities and high profile people who wanted an hourglass figure or six pack abs. But now, the common women and men have developed interest towards waist trainers. Therefore the industries are making a variety of best waist trainer corsets, cinchers, trimmers and body shapers.

The variety of waist trainers is quite huge and you have to go through a long process to find the best waist trainer that meets your expectations. If you are a beginner, don’t buy a waist trainer in hurry, just calm down and check all the available options. For shortlisting, you can check our buying guide for the best waist trainer in 2021. We are going to suggest some key points that you can consider for choosing the most suitable waist trainer for yourself.

Simple Buying Guide to Choose the Best Waist Trainer in 2021

The waist trainers are made by so many brands and all of them claim to be the best waist trainer manufacturers. How can you find a waist trainer that is right for you? The answer is simple, you need the tips from experienced buyers like us. We have tested more than 200 waist trainers for women, men in all sizes and different materials. At the end of our research, we found that there are some features that make a waist trainer worth buying for you.

Here we provide the key points that you must consider at the time of buying a new waist trainer for yourself.

  1. Your Waist Size
  2. Your Torso Type
  3. Materials and Allergies
  4. Size and Height
  5. Vest Style or Corset Style
  6. Adjustability
  7. Thermogenic Activity or Sauna Effect
  8. Spiral Steel Boning
  9. Comfortable and Supportive

Now, we will explain all the 9 points to consider for buying the best waist trainer in 2021 for you. Kindly refer these points to know their importance for your purchase.

#1. Your Waist Size:

Before you check any waist trainer in market (online store or local store), you must measure your current waist size. Please don’t trust your dress size, just take a measure tape and measure your waist right now. Your current waist size is the exact size you need for a waist trainer. If your waist size is 37-inch, you can buy a waist trainer that covers this size waist.

#2. Your Torso Type:

The women have basically three types of torsos i.e. short torso, normal torso and long torso. The waist trainers are made all types of torsos and that is specified in the description of each waist trainer product. If you want the best waist trainer that perfectly fits on your waist then you must check your torso and get a waist trainer that is especially designed for that torso.

Here, torso means your body trunk i.e. your body except your head, neck and limbs. If your body trunk is longer than your legs then you have a long torso. If your trunk is shorter than your legs then you have a short torso. If your trunk and legs are of equal length then you have a normal torso. So, know your torso type to find the right waist trainer for yourself and get the best results.

#3. Materials and Allergies:

The waist trainers are made of latex or neoprene as a main material. They also have secondary layer of nylon or cotton and spandex materials. The main material (latex or neoprene) can cause allergy problems to some people. You must know about your allergies to avoid skin infection and irritation problems by a waist trainer. If you are allergic to latex then buy a 100% latex free neoprene waist trainer as it will be the safer option for you.

#4. Size and Height:

The waist trainer size should meet your actual waist size and its height should meet your torso length. You have measured your waist size and torso length, now you need to find the best waist trainer that is made in your size to fit perfectly on your waist.

#5. Vest Style or Corset Style:

The vest style waist trainers come with adjustable shoulder straps. The straps control and support your armpits and give more stability to the waist trainer on your body. The vest style waist trainer also offers unique U-shape anti-droop design to uplift your breasts to make you look better and more attractive. They also have an open bust design to let you wear your own bra along with the waist trainer.

The corset style waist trainers cover your body from underbust to abdomen and on back. They don’t have straps, so you can wear a strapless dress over the waist trainer and nobody will notice it. Both the waist trainer styles are good, you can choose what you like the most.

#6. Adjustability:

For adjusting the waist trainer on your body, it offers hook & eye closure and/or velcro closure system. The multiple rows of hook & eye closure allow you to adjust the compression level when wearing the waist trainer. You can also adjust the velcro if your waist trainer has it. Some waist trainers also provide a zipper for added security after adjusting the hook & eye closure. You should select a waist trainer with at least 3 rows of hook & eye closure to enjoy more adjustability.

#7. Thermogenic Activity or Sauna Effect:

Most waist trainers provide sauna effect that produces heat in your midsection. When you do workout wearing the waist trainer, the sauna effect starts working to make you sweat more in that area. As a result, you can burn more fat & calories than usual. Such waist trainers encourage you for weight loss and eliminate the toxins from your body.

#8. Spiral Steel Boning:

The spiral steel bones are installed inside the waist trainers. Therefore you should never fold or bend or roll your waist trainer. The steel bones prevent the waist trainer from rolling up/down and provide back support plus back pain relief. You should check the number of steel bones in a waist trainer before buying it. It is better if your waist trainer has at least 4 flexible steel bones.

#9. Comfortable and Supportive:

At last, you should check that the waist trainer you are buying is comfortable. Because you can wear a waist trainer longer only if it is comfortable and breathable. It encourages you to wear it 6 to 8 hours a day to get the best possible results.

Final Verdict:

Buying a new waist trainer is a typical task when you don’t have enough knowledge. But it becomes quite easy when you know how to choose the best waist trainer that meets your needs. So, first you know your waist and body, then select your suitable waist trainers and finally check the features of waist trainers to find a right waist trainer for yourself.


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