Nothing beats a devilish look than wearing a skull motorcycle helmet. Skulls have long been around the protective gear market to display a devil looking skull and adding a fearsome look on the road. 

If you like the skull graphic or searching for a skull cap helmet, I am going to provide you with the buying guides when buying a skull motorcycle helmet. 

skull motorcycle helmet

Buying Guides for Skull Design Motorcycle Helmets

Skull motorcycle helmets have shown the display of representing the devilish look for motorcycle riding. Since skulls have long been around the headgear market, riders have access to find the suitable skull motorcycle helmet to display a gruesome look on the road. 

To buy the suitable skull face motorcycle helmet, consider these buying guides below:

Helmets have been approved by a legal safety stamp to ensure a helmet is legal and safe to hit the road. Since not all helmets carry a legal safety stamp, riders must buy a helmet that carries a legal safety stamp. Three legal approval stamps are DOT, ECE and Snell. To buy a DOT approved skull motorcycle helmet is to go for a headgear that carries a legal approval stamp. 

Head size and shape

The head size and shape is the most important buying factor as the right head size saves you from the crash. Riders have trouble finding the right head size and shape and end up wearing the wrong head size. To find the right head size is to take a measuring tape and measure from the inch above your eyebrows around to the midway of your head. 

To check your head shape is to flatten your hair and take the photo above your head. Three head shapes are round, intermediate and long oval. To buy the skull motorcycle helmet DOT is to check your head size and shape. Do take care that different helmet brands have their head size chart. When shopping for a skull motorcycle helmet is to consider your head size and shape. 

Helmet types

Motorcycle skull helmets are manufactured in six different types. They are full face, modular helmet, open face, dirt bike, dual sport and half face. Do take care that no helmet is 100% perfect as each type has its benefits and pitfalls. Do keep in mind the type of helmet you need for your ride. For instance, if you want to wear a helmet only for summer rides with natural ventilation; a skull caps motorcycle helmet is the right choice. To buy a skull motorcycle helmet is to consider the helmet types.  


The weight of the helmet is important in road safety as the lightweight helmet reduces the pressure on the head and neck in long rides. This saves from headaches and dizziness. Since not all helmets have the same weight, it is best to try the helmet on and feel the weight. To buy a suitable skull motorcycle helmet is to go for a headgear that is lightweight enough to handle long routes. 


Skull helmets DOT approved offer different materials to allow safe head protection. They are manufactured in polycarbonate, thermoplastic alloy, carbon fiber, fibreglass composite and ABS shell. How you want a skull motorcycle helmet depends on the materials offered at various price points. To search for the safest head protection is to consider the materials the helmet has to offer. 

Interior padding

The interior padding is the most essential feature in skull helmets motorcycle as it helps to maximize energy displacement in the middle of an impact. Since different helmets offer thicker interior padding than the others do, it is best to check the thickness of the interior padding. This will give you an idea of energy displacement. Some helmets offer a moisture-wicking function that helps to get rid of sweat to keep your head cool and comfortable. If you ride frequently, you need a skull motorcycle helmet that has a moisture wicking function. 


Color is not much of a concern unless you have a favourite skull graphic or a favorite color. However, when it comes to the time of day you ride, this is where the color comes into the importance of head protection. To shop a skull design motorcycle helmet is to find the appropriate color that will stand out on the road. For instance, if you ride at night often, you need to go for any light color that will stand out in the dark. 

Retention system

The retention system is the helmet’s important security as the chin straps help to keep the helmet in place. Different helmets have various chin straps to secure the helmet in place. When trying on the helmet, do take care that the straps should fit no more than two fingers inserted. To buy a motorcycle skull cap motorcycle helmet is to consider the retention system. 


Ventilation is necessary when buying a skull motorcycle helmet. The ventilation helps to distribute sufficient airflow to keep your head cool and comfortable when riding in different conditions. Since not all helmets have a sufficient ventilation system, it is important to go for a safe helmet that comprises an efficient ventilation channel. 

Wrap Up

Here are the guides on buying a skull motorcycle helmet. Skulls have long been around the headgear market where the skull represents the devilish look on the road. If you are one of those riders who like to buy a skull graphic helmet, just refer to this guide above. 

So read this guide and enjoy the ride!


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