Visa Subclass 189
Visa Subclass 189

Do you wish to spend a year in Australia? If so, here’s a suitable option for you, Working Holiday Visa 417. Australia has always been a favorite choice for people wishing to study, work, or even for a vacation. It’s normal to hear many individuals going on a trip to the nation round the year. Aspirants thinking to apply for this visa can read this guest post to know about the following requirements. All the specifications that need to be fulfilled are mentioned here. Following the content, you can get ready with the application process. 

About Working Holiday Visa

The visa allows young aspirants wishing to spend an extended holiday while working to fund their trip. The eligibility for the visa is the age requirements should be 18 to 30 years and 35 years for French, Canadian, and Irish citizens. When you apply, you must hold a country’s passport and should not be accompanied by dependent children. Three categories are there in this section; the First Working Holiday Visa, the Second Working Holiday Visa, and the Third Working Holiday Visa.

  1. First Working Holiday Visa 

It lets you extend your holiday in the country while working to fund the trip. Subclass 417 permits you to stay for 12 months and continue doing short-term work. In this category, you can work for four months and travel to and from the country as many times as you want. If you wish to apply for the second category, you have to work for at least three months.

  1. Second Working Holiday Visa 

Candidates needing this visa must hold the First Working Holiday Visa. With that, you can stay for another year in the country. It allows you to study for four months and work for at least six months and then apply for the third category. No restrictions are mentioned on the number of times you want to travel to and from the nation.

  1. Third Working Holiday Visa 

If you hold a Second Working Holiday Visa and wish to stay for another year, you can go ahead with a Third Working Holiday Visa. The work and holiday visa 417 permits you to work to sponsor your travel period in the country. 

A Step-By-Step Guide With All The Requirements 

Standard specifications to be obtained for all categories. The list containing all types which you have to fulfill while applying for a 417 Visa are:

  1. Hold a passport: You must hold a valid passport from any country, like Germany, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Japan, etc. 
  2. Age Requirements: Everyone applying for the visa must be 18 to 30 years old except for French, Canadian, and French. For these three countries, the upper age limit is up to 35 years. 
  3. Have sufficient money: Before you apply, you have to check whether you have enough cash with you. It should support you to stay in the country till the end. The minimum amount you must have is AUD5000 for the initial stay. Also, you must add the fare to go back to your destination while leaving the nation.
  4. Meeting health and character requirements: A specified list containing the health and character requirements are mentioned, which everyone should attain. If you need any further details, you can visit the Immigration site and find out about it. Some applicants achieve the health requirements before, but they might ask them to do it again, so it is better to follow their instructions.
  5. Clearing the debts: Do you owe any money to the Australian Government? If so, you have to clear all debts before applying for the visa. If you cannot, you must make necessary provisions for the same. The immigration consultant Perth can help you in this aspect. 
  6. Signing The Australian value statement: Everyone has to acknowledge the Australian Values Statement. It confirms you have to obey the laws and respect the way of life of the country. 
  7. No cancellation or rejection of the previous visa: Has your visa application form been cancelled earlier? If yes, you have to check the cancellation effects as well. 
  8. Previous visa: For the first category, you must not have stepped into the country with a Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462) and a Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417). 

For the second time when you apply, you must fulfill the below aspects: 

  1. previously or held the First Working Holiday Visa. 
  2. If you are in the country, your last substantive visa must have expired 28 days, or you hold one. 
  3. You have entered the country before on the same visa. 
  4. You have fulfilled all conditions specified for the First Working Holiday Visa. 
  5. For the Third Working Holiday Visa, the prerequisites are: 
  6. It would be best if you held the second category. If your Second Working Holiday Visa has expired and you own a bridging visa, you can also apply. 
  7. It would be best if you satisfied the necessary conditions of the second category to get this one. 
  8. If you are in the country, your last substantive visa has got cancelled in the previous 28 days, or you have one now. 

Specified work: When you hold the First Working Holiday Visa and apply for Second Working Holiday Visa, you must have completed working for at least three months. Similarly, when you have a Second Working Holiday Visa and want a Third Working Holiday Visa, you must have finished working for six months. 

Tips For Hiring An Immigration Agent

The Australian visa process is tricky, and a lot of specifications are there which should be attained. If an applicant submits an incomplete form or fails to achieve specific clauses, their visa form will get rejected. To ensure that it does not happen, you must check the aspects to hire the agents. 

    • Years of experience

How many years of experience does the visa agent Perth have? It is the first thing to look for as more experienced means they have handled more visa applications. So, they will be aware of the mistakes aspirants commit. By hiring them, you can avoid doing so and get your visa sanctioned without wasting time. 

    • Registered agents 

The registered migration agents in Perth are the best choices to be hired. They are qualified and undergo vigorous training before working in the field. So, when you hire them, you can hand over all paperwork to them, and they will take care of all aspects. They will ensure that all the requirements are attained, and the visa application form gets accepted. 

    • Have in-depth details 

The experts have in-depth details of all varieties of visas, and they have handled various application forms. Hence, it won’t be difficult for them compared to you as it is not their first time. In this way, you can get your visa without facing any rejections. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s not waste time and start the visa application process as it takes time. The processing period can be from four to six months, so you can apply for the visa depending on when you would be traveling. Hire the immigration agent perth, and they will be with you at every step. With that, they can tell you how much money you will need to stay in Australia, the other specifications, etc. Any queries they will always be ready to solve, which shows their dedication towards the work.


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