Required Steps To Obtain A Successful Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
Visa Subclass 189

The Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 of Australia is issued to those international applicants who come to this country to work without getting any sponsor from an employer, relative, or state government. One of the most significant benefits of this visa is the permit for permanent residency. 

Every year, many applicants apply for this visa (nearly 44000 in the 2017-18 financial year), but only a few applications get approved by the Immigration Department. Here we give a step-by-step guide on how you can make a successful application.

Step 1: Research About The Eligibility Requirements

For any visa application, it is mandatory to do some prior research on the eligibility requirements. We have listed all those requirements here so that you do not have to look anywhere else.

  • You should have a skill in a specific occupation that is present on the skilled occupations list. This list is available on the official website of the Australian Department of Immigration.
  • You must have scored a total of 65 points on the points’ test.
  • You should apply independently, i.e., without any sponsor support. 
  • Your age should be under 45.
  • You must have a genuine intent to live and work permanently in Australia.
  • Your English language level should be Competent.
  • Necessary health and character requirements must be met.
  • You should have no debts to the Government of Australia.
  • There should have been no previously refused and cancelled visas.

Step 2: Arrange The Financial Costs For The Application

For the complete application procedure, you have to spend several expenses for different requirements. The cost for the visa is AUD 4115 for the application. You should keep in mind that these costs may vary according to countries and persons.

Step 3: Calculate Your Points Score

For the 189 Skilled Visa, the Australian Department of Home Affairs assesses the eligibility through the points score. You can also check it before you submit your EOI (Expression of Interest). A minimum of 65 points is required, calculated from the different points score given against other criteria. Sometimes, the Government may need more points, depending on the applicant’s conditions.

Step 4: Take The Skills Assessment

Once you have selected your occupation from the list of skilled occupations, you should check whether you are qualified for the chosen position or not. You have to take the Skills Assessment test conducted by the relevant authority and get positive results. In most cases, Visa Subclass 189 you have to give evidence of working for at least 2 years in a field of area of Australian standard.

Step 5: Take The English Language Test For The Required Score

Submitting the result of any internationally accepted English language test is required, and the result should be equivalent to having at least a competent level of English. IELTS is the most accepted test, and an overall band score of 6 will give you a competent level.

Step 6: Submit An EOI

Once you have gathered all the essential application documents required by the Department of Home Affairs, you can submit the Expression of Interest through SkillSelect. The method is pretty simple. You can open an account on SkillSelect for free and then follow the steps to submit your request. And after you have submitted the EOI, you may update it with any useful information if your situation has changed (for example, you may get married or have a baby). 

While submitting the EOI, you should include major information like results of the Skills Assessment, your points (a minimum of 65), and your IELTS examination results. For IELTS, you should have an overall band score of 6.

Step 7: Wait For The Reply Of Your Expression Of Interest

If you submit your Expression of Interest and your current Australian Visa Subclass 189 is nearing expiration, you have to apply for a new Australian visa to stay here. As EOI is not a Visa Subclass 189 application, you will not get any bridging visa. You will be eligible for a bridging visa only when you get the invitation and apply for the visa.

Step 8: Apply For The Visa

If the Department is satisfied with your EOI documents, they will invite the applicant to apply for the visa. The invitation process is carried out in scheduled rounds and takes place twice a month. So, after you have submitted your EOI, you should check when your invitation round will be. Within 60 days of getting the necessary invitation from the Government, you should lodge your visa application. Otherwise, the visa invitation will expire, and you will need to go through the entire process again.

The Government generally mentions a link in the invitation letter, which you need to apply for your visa on the SkillSelect. Before applying, you should check whether you have all the documents gathered. A immigration agent Adelaide can help you apply for the 189 Visa to live in South Australia.

Step 9: Undertake The Medical Examinations

As the Australian Government is pretty strict about public health, one of the most important criteria is undertaking the health examinations and showing the results. For the Skilled Independent Visa 189, the medical examinations are generally conducted by a clinic officially listed or recognized by the Immigration Department of Australia. Once the test results are prepared, the clinic will send them directly to the Department. 

Undertaking these health examinations after making the application can delay your visa application process. So, it is generally recommended to get these done before applying. You can consult a migration agent in Adelaide for professional guidance.

Step 10: Wait for the visa decision

You may have to wait for an extended period to hear your visa application decision. If you want the process to be a little faster, it will be better to attach as many supporting documents as possible. In precise, you should have enough time in your hand to make the application.

What Is The Current Visa Processing Time?

After you submit your visa application, you must keep yourself updated about the application status. You may either keep regular contact with the case officer handling the application or check the status by logging into the SkillSelect account. If you work with a migration agent, they will contact the Department of Home Affairs on behalf of you. They can also inform you if any changes are made. So, it will always be better to get in touch with a professional. The current 189 Visa processing time for 75% of visa applicants is 20 months, while for 90% of visa applicants, it is 24 months.

Final Words

If the Department approves your visa application, they will send you a visa grant letter, where you will find all the necessary details. These details include the initial date of entry or the deadline within which you have to enter Australia to active your permanent residency. 

You may come for a few days to activate the PR and complete the other requirements of the visa grant letter, and then come back to live and work here permanently. Having a migration agent Adelaide will help you ease the whole process.

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