New York City is often called the city that never sleeps. That may be in reference to the teeming mass of humanity that is always bustling, night and day. Whether you want to get a drink, order some sushi, or buy a new towel, there’s somewhere in New York that you can do it at any time.

But it could also refer to our progressive way of thinking and acting. When there is problem, New Yorkers don’t sleep on it. They get right to work to try and improve their city.

After the terrorist attacks on nine eleven, the city came together like never before. Volunteer firefighters willingly dove into the wreckage of the twin towers to try to pull out any survivors.

But now, we’re fighting against a much more covert threat. Right now, New Yorkers must work together in order to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.

With our strong sense of community, some of the brightest minds in the world, and the commitment to bringing about change, New York is looking to lead the nation, and possibly the world, in workplace safety and security.

In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the positive qualities you can expect from your upcoming sexual harassment training.

New Productivity Standards

Roughly forty percent of men report having experienced sexual harassment at work at some point in their careers. That means that a majority of men are not familiar with what the experience is like.

If you’re a part of that group of men, or perhaps the roughly fifteen percent of women who have not reported their own harassment, then you might benefit from an explanation of what the experience is like. Click here for more information about the definition of sexual harassment.

For an employee who is being harassed, the moment they step into the building, they are put on alert. They are constantly asking themselves, “When will the next attack come?”

Sure, it might not be a physical attack. It might be one that simply demeans or diminishes them. In a way, this can be more harmful because it can be committed in plain sight. Others may think that this behavior is acceptable, while the victim is left reeling.

And the fear and anxiety doesn’t stop when an employee leaves for the night. This is truer now more than ever, when many employees are expected to be available around the clock.

Instead of returning home and relaxing, our harassment victim is constantly on edge. They’re checking their phone, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

When they return the next day, they’re still nervous. Their mind is split between wanting to complete their tasks and wondering how to avoid their harasser. As long as this is the case, the company will never get the best work out of this employee.

They need a safe space so that they can think and work at their highest level.

Higher Staff Retention

Many employers have noticed the tides have changed over the last two years. While they may have been forced to turn competent candidates away before the pandemic, now they are forced to fight and scrap for them. There just aren’t as many people looking for work, especially corporate work, as there used to be.

You may have spent the past few months struggling to find the right number of employees. You may even have counted yourself among the businesses that have to limit their operations due to staffing shortages. Click the link: for more information about current labor statistics.

Now, imagine if you could have prevented this issue in the first place. One way to ensure your employees will want to stay put is to create a positive work environment for them.

If you do this, you stand to save thousands of dollars. Instead of combing the internet looking for someone to replace your former employee, then conducting several rounds of interviews, and finally beginning the hundreds of hours of training required, you could simply go through sexual harassment training and come out better qualified to make your company safe.

When you compare the two – an hour or two for training versus hundreds for the hiring process – the answer seems obvious, doesn’t it?

When it comes to sexual harassment New York is doing all it can to help combat this problem. By creating mandatory training, they hope to help bring a new sense of professionalism to the workplace.

Training is not a place for everyone to air their personal grievances. It is conducted by certified professionals who are there to help instruct everyone, not divide them. In this atmosphere, there can only be benefits from this situation.

No matter if you are an employee or an employer, you stand to gain a happier, healthier workplace by committing to the process.


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