Who is the best brand to buy GULAAL clothes in UK?

Pakistani fashion, as we are aware of, is composed of the finest materials. Often cotton reigns supreme for its lightweight feel, cooling aspects and general comfort. Gulaal is a textile brand based out of Lahore, Pakistan and is offered to you via House of Faiza.

The finest outfits can be found here, with a range of patterns and colour tones. Known for their high quality, Gulaal UK is a luxury brand, which ranges from daily wear, to events and even bridal. Each one of a kind outfit brings with it a story to tell. At House of Faiza, you will find a beautiful range of outfits, in muted colours, for added sophistication. Price ranges also vary, with top end outfits reaching £2000.00. These are made of the finest materials, these handmade pieces include shawls & wraps which are elegant and classy. Gulaal is known for its high-end pieces. They are premium grade unstitched and stitched ready to wear Pakistani clothes, that are adorned with beautiful beads, and embellishments including intricate designing, stitching and of course their quality-control which means they are made carefully, maintaining integrity throughout.

Gulaal has been a household name for many years and now it is time to get your next piece from House of Faiza. Here you can find a range of popular Pakistani brands and with the added ease of e-shopping, serving many countries worldwide with easy payment options. In addition to this, you can find a plethora of designers also. Gulaal is one of many that we store; and are proud to offer all the latest bridal designs. Gulaal designs are modern, stylish, and made with high-quality fabric. Therefore they are comfortable for all skin types. Each item is impeccably designed from top to bottom. There are plenty of delicate colours for women of all ages also.

A traditional yet modern look

You will find styles for everyone. With soft silk trousers, comfy cotton and chiffon, there is an abundance of charm in these outfits. Gulaal Brand design philosophy celebrates Pakistan’s diversity. There is a heavy focus on rich culture, and history in each design. House of Faiza is proud to offer this to all customers. The modern designs with traditional stories behind them are perfect fashion trends. New arrivals include Digitally printed lawn shirts and Digitally printed chiffon dupattas as well as dyed cotton trousers, silk trousers and plenty of embroidered options for more special events, including formal and semi-formal. Dazzle everyone in your life and impress those around you with the most stunning outfits. Accessorize if needed, or leave as the statement pieces that they are. There’s no denying the power of this luxury brand.

Their suits are in perfect colours for every season also. You’ll find yellows whites, soft blues, dusky pinks, gold, sage greens and classic black. You will also find impeccable tailoring to ensure that they suit all body types. House of Faiza is your first port of call for Gulaal clothing. You can find everything you need and more.


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