The Different Types of Table Legs, Explained

Most people might not admit it, but how often do you really notice or look at the legs of a table in any given room? Aesthetically, most tables always appear to fit flawlessly into a room — but only if it actually features the right table legs. 

This means that there’s so much more that goes into choosing the right type of table. It’s not just about the tabletop, color, or material you choose. Table legs are a key feature to consider, too. 

Let’s take a look at the different types of table legs that are most popular today. 

You’ll find that these tend to be the most common types of legs that home or office shoppers opt for. Straight table legs are either cylindrical in shape or rectangular. 

There’s nothing fancy about them — and quite often, that’s the appeal. They’re great for both modern homes and office environments because of their sleek and simple design.

2. Trumpet and Fluted

For a more vintage, old-school feel there’s the option of trumpet-shaped wood table legs that feature a number of different etchings and unique designs.

They’re most common in antique tables and desks from the 18th/19th century. Although there are plenty of modern items of furniture that mimic these designs. 

These table legs tend to start off wider at the top, then taper down towards the bottom. This gives them the appearance of an inverted trumpet, hence the name. 

Trumpet legs also feature wood etchings and cutouts, as well as bulbs or bells near the top part of the leg. If these table legs feature vertical designs that run from top to bottom, they’re also known as fluted legs. 

3. U-Shaped Legs

These are metal table legs formed in the shape of a “U”. The metal legs connect in the middle, giving them this unique, contemporary shape. 

Today, you’ll find a number of coffee tables and desk designs that feature u-shaped legs. They’re the perfect fit for homes and offices with a more minimalist, industrial, and modern feel. 

4. Hairpin Shaped Legs 

If there was one style of metal table legs that has shot to stardom in recent years (thanks to Millennials), it’s the hairpin-shaped table leg. 

The standout feature of these types of table legs is how thin and spindly they look, yet they are pretty robust. As the name suggests, they feature two pieces of folded metal that meet in the middle, to resemble a hairpin. 

You’ll find this type of table leg in modern, edgy, and simplistic office spaces, homes, cafes, and restaurants today. 

5. The Classic Clawfoot Leg

Who doesn’t love a good classic to add some character to their home or office space? If there was any type of vintage-inspired table leg that’s stood the test of time, it’s clawfoot legs. 

These types of table legs tend to billow out at the top with a bend, much like a human/animal leg would then taper down into a small clawfoot at the base. 

Reminiscent of the French Baroque era, you can use these types of tables to tie together a classic dining room. Or add character and elegance to your living room or main bedroom. 

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These are just a handful of some of the most on-trend types of table legs that you’ll find in most homes or offices today.

Remember that the legs of a table have the power to make or break the aesthetic of any room, so choose wisely!

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