Three Great Team-Building Activities for Your Business
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Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

It’s become a clichĂ© to say that humans are social beings, but they are, thanks to a hormone called Oxytocin. People often think of Oxytocin as the love or sex hormone, since it’s known to be abundant in couples. 

Yet, Oxytocin is best described as a social hormone, released when we bond with another person, or even a pet.

Oxytocin makes us happier, and we’re much more productive when we’re happy. This is why team building and teamwork are vital in a business setting.

Talking about team building is one thing, but figuring out how to do it is another. We’ll offer some team-building ideas in this article.

1. Escape Room

Escape rooms have become very popular in recent years. A lot of that revolves around their puzzling nature. Players must work as a team to solve clues and perform tasks to escape a locked room.

One method of effective team building is escape room team building. The fast-paced nature and mental challenges will help your employees work better, both as a group and under pressure.

It also encourages diversity of ideas and thought processes, which is crucial in problem-solving.

2. Board Game Party

Board game parties are a great way to help with team building, and let everybody have fun together. There are a few different ways to organize an office board game party, and both come with upsides and downsides.

The first approach is to have a tournament of competitive games. Competition allows people to test themselves and improve their performance under pressure. But, it can also lead to a bit of tension between employees.

The second is to play cooperative games. This enhances teamwork while also getting the employees used to working under pressure. There are plenty of great cooperative games out there for all purposes.

Then, there are games like Risk and Root, which have elements of both.

3. Happy Hour

While drinking at work is not something we encourage, drinking with co-workers can be a great bonding experience. Happy hours and similar events allow employees to engage with each other in a low-pressure setting.

Happy hours can be the perfect time for introspection. Work is about getting things done, but we don’t get much done if we’re unhappy or alone.

We’re sharing a space with our co-workers for eight hours a day. Shouldn’t we make an effort to like them and develop a friendly relationship with them?

What sets human workers apart from machines is loneliness. We need to interact with each other and feel appreciated because loneliness and a sense of distance are disastrous for our health.

Team Building Activities to Try

In most workplaces, our success is tied to the success of others, so it helps if we like the people we’re working with. Office team-building activities can go a long way towards making this happen. We’ve mentioned some of our favorites in this article, but your options are truly endless.

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