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Every climate control device, such as the thermostat or air conditioning, are governed by 3 fundamental components, i.e., firstly, the source of cool or warm air, secondly, the way of transmitting the air to the room that is being cooled or heated, and lastly, a control system that is used for regulating the system. Both the air conditioning and heating work on the principle that hat shall travel from a warm object to a cool one, much similar in the way water flowing functions.

The cold air sources like air conditioners and the hot air sources like the thermostat and heater use these same control mechanism systems. So, in case of the system failure or your device failure, then any of these 3 governing components must be the source of malfunctioning.

Your regular HVAC system or the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs to be maintained properly and on a regular basis to ensure that your system operates and functions properly. Like any other system, your HVAC system can face any internal issues anytime while functioning. Thus, proper maintenance also would ensure that the lifetime of your system is prolonged.

Generally, heat is added to the air by heaters and furnaces, which ultimately makes your room warmer, and heat is removed by air conditioners which makes your home colder.

While summer is around the corner, we need to ensure that our systems are functioning properly so that we do not suffer a breakdown. We have provided more tips here in this article to make you understand the factors that should be taken care of in your maintenance routine.

Check the Air Filters

The air filters help in ensuring that the air that enters the system is clean, sterile, and free of any kinds of dust and germs. Basically, it filters out all these germs and prevents them from entering inside. Since the filters in your setup are reversible, you can substitute them with newer ones if you don’t have time to clean them often.

But, one more tip here that we shall advise is that rather than replacing the filter, you should have a professional mechanic with expertise in heating and Try this out to Find Air Conditioning Repair El Cajon investigate the situation and replace the filters. Some errors made during the filter replacement process can be expensive because they can impact other areas of the system.

Cleaning of Condensing Unit

The air conditioning has an outdoor unit or the heat pumps that are placed outside along with a fan on the top so as to disperse the heat in the summer season. The condensing unit’s metal fins can frequently get clogged by debris such as pollen, leaves, dirt, or grime. Thus, you need to pick these up and remove all the debris. If shrubs are growing too close to the machinery, prune them to make room. Further, refrain from using a pressure washer to clean your machine because it would permanently damage it.

Check Flame

Keep checking the flame of your furnace, and thus while you check for it, ensure that it is crisp/bright blue hue colour. The presence of this blue flame ensures the occurrence of proper combustion. But if this isn’t the case, try contacting an HVAC professional/expert immediately. If you notice yellow or orange long lines, then you need to call for a mechanic who can adjust the furnace or clean it.

Control Heat Using Windows

Another more tip here that is quite important is that you can control the heat using your windows. Generally, open windows would let in a lot of heat inside the house. If you want to regulate the heat in your house, then you need to control the heat entering through your windows. Generally, in the hottest periods of any day, keep the windows closed and protected with blinds or drapes—especially windows which are facing the sun.

Unclogging the condensate drain tube

While your AC is working, if you notice water puddling inside the furnace, then your condensate drain tube is clogged. Thereafter, bacteria and germs can form slime and clog the ensure condensate drain canal, and thus you need to clean.

Professional Help for Regular Maintenance

Ever if you come forward with any problems with this system, then we recommend that you take professional help. Also, besides that, check the drain pan and ventilation system, clean the blower compartments, check refrigerant levels in the air conditioning unit, evaluate furnace activity, check the voltage, and check the voltage on motors and loose wires twice a year.

Although you might feel that you might be able to handle it but do not take any risk; rather take professional help for any issues that you might face.


These are some of the few tips that you need to follow for better functioning and maintenance of your HVAC system. You can alongside increase the span of this system. Also, ensure to take professional help anytime you face any system-related issue. 

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