Tips on how to prevent the most common MMA injuries
Tips on how to prevent the most common MMA injuries

The essence of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts entails that it is a fighting style that includes several traditional fighting styles. It mainly consists of ground fighting, striking as well as grappling. The essence of the sport is that it is defined as a full-body combat sport. In contemporary terms, it is also referred to as cage fighting. The art of MMA was developed initially in Japan and was subsequently introduced in countries such as Brazil where fighters held matches using various fighting techniques to bring their opponents to defeat. The idea of MMA was introduced to the West by Bruce Lee during the late 1970s, the sport was reintroduced with a level of rules condemning the use of extremely violent strategies that might permanently or seriously injure one’s opponent. MMA might have a controversial past concerning the vague rules it offered to the competitors but, it cannot be denied that there are a huge number of health benefits provided by the sport.



One of the main health benefits provided is the ones related to the mental aspect of the human body. The combination of regular physical exercises with martial arts results in some of the best physical exercises. These exertions lead to a healthy workout that regulates the body and keeps it fit. One of the added benefits is the ability to strengthen one’s mind. The sport induces a sense of extreme stress on the mind. This results in the molding of the mind or regulates one’s control over it so that one can face situations presenting high stress and can overcome them. It also helps with sharpened focus as well as balance.

MMA for your mental health


However, the regulated exertion and stamina the sport provides to the body, blood flow is increased and the heart remains healthy. Thus, MMA fighting is an excellent form of physical exercise for patients with heart disease to get it under control. This also does not mean that patients throw themselves headfirst into the line of fire and start aggressive exertion. Rather, it is suggested that stamina is built to a higher point with the help of a professional trainer.

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Other than the physical health benefits, this style of fighting also improves one’s sense of self-worth. Fighters have often mentioned that the practice of MMA fighting has led to a boost in their confidence. People often do not view their bodies in a positive light. But the art of mixed martial arts leads to a combined effort that strengthens the mind and leads to an overall improved body image.

Psych Your Mind: Boosting Self-Esteem



Due to the lack of protective headgear worn by MMA fighters, they are extremely exposed to injuries related to the head and neck which are the two most prone areas for concussions. Even though fighters are not allowed to hit directly at the face and neck, other hits are still overlooked which results in extreme concussions and some cases, death.

MMA fighters suffer traumatic brain injury in almost a third of  professional bouts: study | National Post


Even though MMA fighters are very particular about gloves and hand protection, they can still end up in the ER for reasons such as frozen fingers, fractured fingers, and torn ligaments. These injuries are rarely fatal and are treated non-surgically.


Fractures are one of the most common injuries as the lack of or minimal protective gear used during MMA exposes players to numerous fractures. A lot of the usually affected areas are the tibia, arms, elbows, and hands. Facial features are even more common with the nose being a hotspot for frequent injuries. The treatment depends on the severity area of the injury. Most injuries are treated non surgically.

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Strengthening one’s core is extremely important not just for MMA but any form of fighting. Doing so not just strengthens your mind but also gives you the capacity and tolerance to withstand more extreme punches and moves in the ring.

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2. DIET:

Having a good diet is the secret to a healthy life in general and when it comes to MMA, it makes all the difference. MMA fighters have very strict diets with sharply calculated calorie counts. Before fights, fighters are told by their trainers to eat a carb-rich diet as it gives them more strength and energy. While rapid weight loss is not recommended at all as it weakens the body and the mind.


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