Tips to Throw the Perfect Birthday Beach Bash

What better way to celebrate the summer than by throwing a party with friends and family at the beach? Here are ten tips that will guide you in throwing an unforgettable birthday party at the beach.

Create a Guest List

The first step in planning a party is to create your guest list. The guest list may include friends, family members, and co-workers. This will help you determine the location of your bash and the number of people attending.

Check the Weather Forecast

It is important to check the weather forecast before throwing a beach party. A weather forecast will help you prepare for weather changes and anticipate the worst conditions. 

For a hot and sunny day, consider finding a source of shade for your guest. You will also need enough sunscreen for everyone at the party. 

Send Out the Invitations

After writing a rough guest list and anticipating poor weather, you should send invitations to the guest. If possible, select a date that falls on a weekend or holiday. This is because most people are free on weekends and will be able to attend. 

Pick a Theme and Decorations

Picking a theme for your party is an easy way choose your party decor . In addition, it ensures your food is cohesive with the theme. You can go for a tropical look or maybe even an under the sea party.

Set the Menu and Decide on Drinks

When choosing what to serve at the beach bash, ensure that it requires little to no cooking. Such an approach helps you avoid missing the party by spending time in the kitchen. Think about what type of food everyone likes and make sure it is available. 

Alternatively, you can request the guests to carry food that is easy to prepare at the bash. For example, if your guests like sandwiches, they can pick up supplies and prepare them at the beach.

Decide on Activities and Games

Choosing activities that involve everyone at the party is a great idea. Ensure there are multiple entertainment options for your guest. You can go with traditional games or even opt for a treasure hunt.

Keep your guests entertained for hours with board games or other fun activities perfect for outdoor play. If you are at the beach, think about swimming games. If it is colder than expected, play indoor games like Apples to Apples where everyone can bundle up in blankets but still interact with each other. 

Provide Shade

When hosting in the middle of the day, make sure there is ample shade so people can stay cool while they enjoy themselves. If you are at the beach, be sure to bring a canopy or umbrella so people can still enjoy themselves even if it gets too hot. A shade will protect your guests from wind, rain, and sun.

Time to Decorate

The perfect way to add a personal touch is by bringing some of your favorite things from home. This includes pillows, blankets, or photo frames that are not affected by sand. You can also have fun with colored streamers and balloons.

Beach Accessories

Bring some extra beach accessories to make your guests feel right at home. If the weather forecast predicts a sunny day, get a good supply of beach umbrellas. In addition, bring a cooler to ensure the guest quench their thirst with cold drinks.

Beach tents are also great for unexpected rain showers or if your guests want some time alone. Other beach accessories may include a beach hammock, picnic mats, inflatable chairs, and beach blankets. 

Opt for Disposable Cutlery

You will not want to worry about having enough cutlery for everyone or where to store used cutlery after use or having to bring any dishes home. Disposable cutlery is an easy way to keep things clean and tidy.

The Perfect Cake

Consider baking a cake for the guests or request someone to bring one over. Keep things at the party simple and fun. You can ask the guests to bring drinks if you do not have a cooler. 

Do Some Last Minute Prep Work

When you are planning for the birthday party, unexpected issues are bound to pop up. Do your best to prepare for challenges and hiccups. 

With these top ten tips, everything you need for a memorable summer birthday party is at your fingertips. Following the above steps will ensure the party is a huge success. Ensure everyone is having a fabulous time, and do not forget the sunscreen.


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