Choosing your career path post getting your bachelor’s degree isn’t easy at the best of times. If you have hedged your bets and obtained a broad degree that will keep your options open for as long as possible, your time is running out for you to pick a direction. These days, career choices come and go. What may have seemed like the latest thing a few years ago can become obsolete quickly and the chances are the career options you have now are not things that your parents’ generation had even heard of when they graduated. How do you know if your career path will last forever, or if you will be forced to look in a totally new direction by the time you are 40? 

Healthcare is a great option if you have a science-based degree as there are many different fields that can give you a long-term career. Here are the top seven healthcare careers for the 21st Century.


The world will always need great nurses and, if you care about people and can empathize with them, this could be the career for you. The chances are the nursing industry will change between now and retirement but that means you will have the opportunity to learn about breakthroughs in the medical and technological field and be able to put them into practice. You will need to undertake further qualifications, such as one of these accelerated nursing programs online from Baylor University to qualify, but once you have, you will never be out of work.


Researchers are at the cutting edge of advances in medicine, and this is an exciting field to be part of. If you enjoy lab work and trying to find solutions, this is a great career choice for you. Who knows, you could be the next Alexander Fleming or find a cure for cancer.

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Cosmetic Surgeon

Plastic surgery has been available since the beginning of the 20thCentury, but it was not until the 1980s that it became commonly used to enhance people’s appearance rather than overcome medical issues. These days surgeries such as liposuction, rhinoplasty, and face-lifts are as common as having your tonsils out or an ingrown toenail removed. This looks set to continue as the self-care industry is growing astronomically and shows no signs of stopping. It is a great industry to be in if you want to help people enhance their appearance and get paid well for doing so.

Forensic Pathology

This is a relatively new field of science, but it has become trendy quickly as it gets a lot of attention on TV and in movies. Unfortunately, it is not always as glamourous as it is made to look but it is a very interesting field to work in. A forensic pathologist works with the deceased to identify their cause of death. Sometimes they have died through natural causes whereas other times they may have been murdered. It is your expertise that can help the police to find the culprit. Forensic pathology has become possible in recent years due to the invention of fingerprint and DNA technology and as these advances continue, so will the need for forensic pathologists. It may take about 5-6 years to qualify but if this is a field that interests you, it will certainly be worth staying in school for.


It has become more common for people to want to talk through their problems rather than bottle them up. These days it is perfectly acceptable to work through their issues with a counselor who can help them to livetheir best lives. They may need help to overcome fears, quit an addiction, or help them to come to terms with their past. A natural empathy, a sympathetic ear, and great communication skills are attributes that should come naturally to you if you want a career as a counselor. You should also be prepared to study as you work as it will take you about seven years to qualify and you will need industry experience to do so.


This is an industry that will always be in demand, and it will continue to be in the future too. Too many people eat food that contains too much sugar, and this leads to problems with their teeth that only a dentist can fix. It is common for dentists to set up their own practices and this can be a lucrative career choice if you enjoy scientific work. If you like the idea of running your own business and you have a desire to help people maintain their oral health, this could be a great career for you. You will need to take additional qualifications after your bachelor’s degree, and it can take around five years to qualify.

Veterinary Doctor

We are a nation of animal lovers and we have always loved having a pet or two around us. In the past, some people have been put off the idea of pet ownership as the long hours they put in at the office meant the pets would be on their own. However, as the country has moved towards working from home, more people are realizing that they are going to be around to look after pets and they are becoming much keener on pet ownership than they were in the past. Animal ownership is at one of the highest levels it has ever been and as working from home seems set to stay, so will pet ownership. This calls for a lot of vets, both now and in the future and this is a thriving career to get into. Qualification takes around nine years but then you will be able to spend your whole career making a difference to both animals and their owners.

These are just seven great career paths if you are interested in the healthcare industry, and you have an affinity for the world of science and want to make a difference to people’s lives.


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