incense sticks

The usage of incense is centuries old and many civilizations have used incense as a sacred option which was and still is used in many religious gatherings and rituals. The incense has been highly recommended and appalled by many religions and man kinds. Talking about incense it is common sense to acknowledge different types of incense sticks with various meanings and benefits associated with them.

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Types of incense in terms of texture:

It is much burnable and heating incense that is widely available all around the globe. The most common ones are as follows:

Cone incense:

This incense is best for backflow incense holders. The flow of the smoke is just mesmerizing which has its divine fragrances along with the beautiful scenery. The dragon and waterfall incense holders make the flow of the incense cone enthralling. The fragrance becomes stronger as the cone burns down to the wider part.

Stick incense:

It would not be false to write that this form of incense is the most widely used incense all around the globe making the environment pleasing and mood-lifting. The smoke or fragrance duration is proportional to the stick length. However, one can blow off or cut the stick to lessen the burning time.

Coil incense:

This incense is in the shape of the coil as depicted by its name and is widely used in larger areas. The density of incense aroma duration is highly proportionate to the proportions of the coil.

Heated aroma:

The heated aroma is the best option to get the pleasance of the mild aroma. However, it takes some time as compared to burned incense out there.

“Mon-Koh is the incense wood which gives vary pleasant scent to give the room best incense.

Kneaded Incense is one of the options which is widely used in Japanese ceremonies and has a very dilute creamy scent.

 In-Koh is the blended incense that is made by the mixture of many beautiful incenses. This incense comes in various shapes.

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Types of incense in terms of aroma:


Eucalyptus is one of the versatile incense options which has remedial effects and is often used on various occasions. It is one of the best remedies to control aggressive cough because of the utilization of extracted oils from leaves. This is also the best option to repel the insects out of your place.


The utilization of tea trees is undeniable. It is widely used all across the globe for many medicines-related remedies and incense. One of the best effects is the removal of the cough and sneezing. It is highly effective for controlling colds.


This incense is highly effective in killing the bacteria present in the environment and removal of the bad odor. It is considered the best incense option to enhance relaxation and insect repellent.


This is the best option to improve mental, emotional, and many physical health options. The extraction from the Boswellia tree is a divine cure for many problems and an immediate mood lifter.


This incense has taken over several fragrance options out there like, toiletries, air fresheners, etc. this is the best option for the cure of mental illnesses like depression, stress, and anxiety, and has a strong mood lifter.


Lavender is the divine incense that has origin in North Africa. The main benefit is considered its impact on the beauty and medical purposes. Therefore, it is the best option for the bedrooms, bathing rooms, etc., and is used in many salons globally.

Therefore, it can be stated that association of the health is always there with various types of incense sticks.


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