Vape Tools: Essentials in a Bag

It is a surprising fact that smoking can be a beneficial habit in fighting several diseases. Research shows that controlled use of nicotine reduces the risk of ulcerative colitis and significantly reduces the occurrence of death by Parkinson’s disease. At the same time, smokers everywhere are gaining awareness of the environmental waste generated by cigarette butts. During an age of rapid environmental degradation, vaping is a wise alternative to smoking. Apart from its apparent advantages, vapes such as vaporesso offer plenty of flavour options than plain, old cigarettes. Vaping is a smoke-free activity and breaks the stigma attached to social nicotine consumption. Get started on a life-changing switchover with these vape tools!

What constitutes a vape?

The primary configuration has remained unaltered through the years, to a great extent. Known as an e-cigarette or an electronic cigarette, the vape is electrically powered and does not need external lighting objects like matches or lighters. A nicotine-infused liquid known as e-juice is present inside the vape. While nicotine is a preferred element, the liquid could also contain substances that add specific flavours or tastes to the mixture. A coil warms up the juice when the vape is in use. When the liquid evaporates, it is inhalable through a narrow hole in the vape. 

Replaceable parts

While the parts of a vape come as default parts, one can also replace them with their preferred alternatives. For example, while a vape has a pre-attached mouthpiece, a buyer can also substitute it for a different nozzle that they find easy to use. Similarly, batteries in most vapes are rechargeable. Since most modern vapes are highly alterable, one can always replace single-use batteries with rechargeable units. One can also place larger or smaller tanks in default-made vapes, according to one’s needs. Most vape shells are bigger in size than their tanks and can accommodate different sizes of tanks. 

Screwdriver sets

Screwdrivers are essential items in a vaper’s kit. A vape is a handheld machine and is approximately the size of one’s thumb. With multiple customizable parts inside, it requires tools that can are accurate. Precision screwdrivers are handy in such cases. A precision set contains multiple differently sized screwdrivers that work well with a range of atomizers available. A typical kit consists of eleven different sizes. Cross screwdrivers come in sizes such as 1.8 mm, 2.4 mm, and 3.5 mm, whereas a straight-set contains five different sizes ranging between 1 mm and 3 mm. Since most companies that sell vaping products like vaporesso pack these tools in small packages, they are easy to carry while travelling or backpacking. 

Coil bags

While vaping was first introduced to the world, it was an intriguing and revolutionary product. The penultimate decade of the 20th century witnessed a massive switching of smokers from cigarettes to vapes. But vapes did not offer the simplicity of design like a cigarette. While cigarettes are durable objects that did not require any spare parts or additions, vapes needed extra atomizers, coils, and liquid tanks. The introduction of coil bags made travelling hassle-free for vapers. A standard coil bag can hold e-juice vials, cutting tools and much more! 

Wire cuttersA vaper’s carry-on kit is incomplete without a flush wire cutter. The coil is one of the most crucial parts of a vape since it heats the liquid. Therefore, Nichrome alloys with high melting points are the most suitable metals for this purpose. A flush wire cutter can effectively cut the wire when one needs to alter the atomizer inside the vape. The right vaping tools can make exploring the vaping world an enjoyable experience!


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