12 Fantastic Ways Of Eating Burrata Italian Cheese

Burrata Italian Cheese

Cheese is one of the most popular ingredients that everyone loves and especially if it is Burrata Italian Cheese. People try to find out different methods of eating this cheese; as it is so specially made.

Eating Burrata Italian Cheese In 12 Ways

The Burrata cheese is made of two layers; one is the outer that is semi-hard. But the second inner layer or filling has soft curds. The buttery texture makes it unique and it can be eaten in the following 12 fantastic ways.

Eating Fresh And On Its Own

The best way and recommended one is to eat Burrata by experts to eat as it was created. If you are buying the cheese from the place where it is made fresh; then eat it immediately.

When Is The Right Time For Eating?

As suggested in the above point to eat within the day of its making. But some stores have Burrata cheese that is added with preservatives. So you can eat it after 2 days as well.

Temperature Of Burrata Cheese

If you have stored Burrata Italian Cheese in the fridge; then make sure that you bring it to room temperature. This will enhance the flavor. But make sure that you don’t exceed the recommended time.

Drizzling Only Olive Oil

Burrata cheese is so delicious that many chefs serve the cheese with only olive oil. Although other kinds of oils can also be drizzled with salt; but olive oil goes the best with it.

Cooking With Other Ingredients

The cooking timing of the Burrata cheese has to be less. So the restaurants like Burrata House serve it in dishes that require less to no cooking.

Placing Burrata Cheese On Italian Slices Of Bread

Another simple way of serving Burrata is by placing it on slices of Italian slices of bread. This is a great way because when you cut open the cheese; the buttery inside oozes out on the slice.

Use As A Topping On Pizza

 A famous recipe that has developed in recent years is the Burrata pizza. This is a dish that has the cheese grilled on top. Many other ingredients can be combined with it to create a unique taste.

Sliced Burrata Cheese And Tomatoes

A traditional Italian way to serve Burrata is with sliced tomatoes. Both the cheese and tomatoes are sliced and placed on a plate, seasoned with salt and pepper and olive oil is drizzled.

Crumbled Cheese On Salads

If you are thinking that crumbled Burrata cheese is placed on vegetable salads then you have not yet tasted the fruit version. Bot vegetables and fruits go best with Burrata cheese.

Burrata Cheese Topped On Grilled Vegetables

Many other ingredients are used to top the grilled vegetables, but if you want to serve uniquely then go for Italian Burrata. You can experiment with the ingredients.

Adding Burrata To Pasta Dishes

The restaurants serve Burrata cheese on pasta dishes in two styles. One is scattering small chunks of cheese on the top. The other option is to place the whole cheese and then cut it when serving it.

Served In Antipasto Course

Cheese and especially Italian cheese are the best ingredients to make a part of the antipasto course. Burrata Italian Cheese can also be one of the components; along with other ingredients.


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