5 Ways To Debrief After A Psychic Reading

When you are experiencing a psychic reading, it can be very overwhelming. Even with the greatest online psychics or the best phone psychics, there is much information to take in and process. After a time, new revelations may still come to you as you make more connections. The best way to prepare for these sometimes emotional and always very thoughtful readings is to come prepared and plan for afterward. Find out the details behind the five best ways to debrief after a psychic reading and why getting it together beforehand is the way way to ensure you have the best session. 

Take notes during your reading.

Take notes after your reading.

Keep a journal specifically for your sessions. 

Record affirmations.

Record goals.

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Write During 

Have something to write with and something to write on for your session. Jot down notes during your session without breaking focus from your reader. Think of this practice as more of a list of keywords to jog your memory rather than keeping notes during a college class. Your primary focus is participating fully in the reading, but if you want to reevaluate an idea or a concept that you’re curious about or don’t understand, scribble down a word or two to remind you. Be sure to ask love and relationship psychics to clarify anything you do not understand. 

Write After 

Directly after your session, sit and write everything you can remember. Just write until you can write no more and then challenge yourself to write just a little more after that. Record discoveries, illuminations, ideas, concepts, and anything else that will help you make connections within your own life.

Keep A Journal

Designate a journal specifically for your sessions. You can paste in or copy the notes from your feverish notetaking and continue to build on your experience. More signs and connections will come to you in the following days, and it is crucial to record these happenings for your next reading. Accurate psychic readings thrive on connections, and this is a way for you to bring information back to your reader to strengthen the bond. 

Record Affirmations 

Creating affirmations that will help remind and encourage you to stay the course of your intended purpose is a powerful tool. Speaking your truth into the world and further out into the universe creates an impact beyond measure. Having an audio recording of your affirmations will help you when it seems like there is little to affirm; you can play you back to yourself, reminding you that there is power in your voice and your focus. 

Record Goals 

You can write down and also speak your goals into existence through your audio recordings. One way to hold yourself accountable is by consistently working with your goals. Another unique purpose is to investigate how the tone of your voice changes over time or with the other events that are recorded synonymously in your journal. Audio recordings are a truly undervalued tool. 

Call today to schedule your professional psychic reading and use the debriefing tips to make your next session as successful as it can be. 


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