Top 5 Ways to Maintain Warehouse Safety: A Guide
Modern Warehouse Worker in Safety Helmet

Around 2.1 million workplace injuries occurred in 2020.

Warehouse safety is of critical importance. While proper training helps to foster safety practices, it’s still vital to follow a comprehensive safety protocol. This is your best bet to prevent accidents.

Here are five ways you can maintain warehouse safety:

1. Provide Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment, sometimes referred to as PPE, can make the difference between life and death in certain situations.

Danger at work is always present. However, if works have PPE as part of the safety management best practices, this can reduce injuries.

Depending on the situation, workers should have hard hats, safety gloves, and attire adorned with reflective tape. You can refer to a warehouse management safety guide if you’re unsure of what safety equipment needs to be worn in what situations.

On top of that, all gear must be on-site. This ensures workers have access to the PPE when they need it. Workers shouldn’t have to stop by an off-site location to pick up equipment before heading into work.

2. Clean Environment

Warehouse safety starts with a clean workplace. A variety of accidents can occur if a warehouse is messy.

If there’s a spill in an aisle, clean it up at once. Otherwise, workers can slip and fall, injuring themselves.

For an area that has a loading dock, take special precautions for a wet loading surface due to rain. There should always be salt and snow removal equipment nearby to help keep the floor and ground moisture-free.

3. Stable Racks and Shelves

In a warehouse, the boxes filled with products need safe, stable storage. A part of that includes ensuring that all of the racks and shelves are able to meet the load standards.

If you’re looking for a cheap and strong option for storage, then look into cardboard pallets. Corrugated cardboard pallets are able to support up to 10,000 pounds of weight. That’s double what traditional wooden pallets are able to hold.

4. Good Lighting

Poor lighting can lead to accidents. You should have proper lighting in all areas where workers need to see while carrying out their job duties.

It is essential for lighting to be bright throughout the entire warehouse. This is even more true at night.

5. Keep a Maintenance Schedule

Routine maintenance can help to keep all equipment in good working order.

Establish a maintenance schedule for all warehouse equipment. Whether it’s forklifts or pallet jacks, all equipment needs to be checked over on a regular basis.

One of the top causes of workplace injuries is faulty equipment. If you keep a regular maintenance schedule, safety will follow.

Always Keep Warehouse Safety in Mind

Follow these tips for warehouse safety and you’ll go a long way toward preventing workplace injuries. When a warehouse is safe, your workers will feel at ease and workflow will stay on schedule.

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