Clothing Printing

Some printer techniques can best be adapted to different textiles and, depending on the amount of the task, a specific printing process may be best suited for a job. In addition, the number of colors you plan to print affects the printing method you end up using. It is difficult to choose a printing technique with so many variables!

The world of T-shirt printing has changed with digital technology. A number of innovative ways have been developed which go beyond standard methods of printing. Printing methods such as vinyl transfers using heat and pressure combinations could be a smart choice, depending on your needs or the needs of your client.

Let’s always put t-shirts on your side, so you can wear your designs, donate or sell them as quick as possible. So, please do not hesitate to use your t-shirt. Stoff printing is the only thing; you can print any print you want on the bus driver mugs.

Printing clothes is a lot of fun and also offers many advantages. Nowadays a lot is possible because of all the new inventions. Printing clothing is an example of this; machines can make the most beautiful prints. Even, you can easily submit your design online and have it printed on T-shirts and other garments. You can do this for yourself or a group, but also as a company! A company logo on a shirt also works very well. Of course, there are also advantages associated with having clothing printed.

The 5 advantages of clothing printing

  1. You can make the design yourself, so the imprint can be filled in completely according to your wishes and you can also determine everything yourself;
  2. The printing can be from a small format to a fairly large format, this gives you more choice and you can choose the location and size of the design yourself;
  3. The colors come out very nice and realistic. Many different colors are used, so that your design will look even better on the clothing; 
  4. The print is resistant to the washing machine, the dryer and is ironable. This is a great advantage for washing the shirt;
  5. If you want to have funny firefighter T shirts with a funny message, for example a “being a firefighter is not a career, it’s a post apocalyptic survival skill”. 

Digital printing is an ideal way for band merchandise, for example, because it shows the best photos. You can print fantastically clear, with even the smallest details being printed very sharply. It is therefore not surprising that this fairly new printing technique is gaining in popularity.

This printing technique is almost identical to the printing process for printing on light-colored (white) textiles. A different type of transfer material is used when printing t-shirts on colored or dark textiles. With dark t-shirts, a white foil is used. This makes the print opaque and can also be printed in full color. Your unique design is pressed onto the t-shirt by heat and high pressure.


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