What Are the Worst Foods for Sleep?

In America alone, 70 million people struggle with chronic sleeping issues.

Lying awake in your own bed is one of the most dreadful feelings. You end up watching the clock while calculating how many hours you have left for sleep. You already know work will be a struggle tomorrow.

There are plenty of things we can do to get better sleep, including bedtime stretches and finding the right pillow. But did you know the food you eat affects your sleep quality?

Below is a guide on the worst foods for sleep. You’ll be surprised at what you should avoid.

Caffeine and Alcohol

Despite seeming obvious, we’re here to remind you that caffeine before bed will lead to a bad night’s sleep. A cup of hot coffee may sound great with your dessert, but you’ll regret it later.

Steer clear of caffeinated sodas and hot teas. Try a calming lavender or chamomile tea before hitting the sheets.

You’ll also want to avoid alcohol. A few beers may make a person sleepy early in the night but it’s been proven that alcohol disturbs your sleep patterns later in the night.

Sugar Overloads

Get better sleep and live a healthier life by avoiding sugar overloads.

Sugary foods, such as ice cream or cake, can give someone a sugar crash immediately after indulging. This causes the person the feel sleepy.

Then, as the body digests the food, the cortisol levels rise and disturb a peaceful night of sleep. The only ‘sugar’ you can trust is Sugarbear melatonin for sleep.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Try a hot tea with raw honey, or snack on a banana.

Fatty Foods

Our bodies take a long time to digest fatty foods. Eating high-fat foods before bed will keep your body busy and awake throughout the night.

Avoid fried food, fast food, and foods loaded with butter and cheese. Instead, indulge in food with healthier fats. These healthier fatty foods include avocados and almonds.

Are you needed to stop through a drive-thru for a last-minute dinner? Ask about grilled chicken options and their variety of sides. Many places carry fruit cups or soup!

What Can I Eat?

If you can’t sleep, there are a number of foods you should try before bed. These include:

  • Walnuts
  • Turkey
  • Kiwi
  • Fatty Fish

Sleep Tight: The Worst Foods for Sleep You Need to Avoid

It’s surprising how many bad foods for sleep there are to avoid. Make sure to take a good look at your pre-bedtime snack plate before you munch.

Avoid drinks with caffeine and alcohol, and put down the bowl of ice cream. No sugar before bed! Oh, don’t forget to steer clear of the fatty foods that aren’t good for you.

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