What is OG Instagram

OG Instagram is an unofficial Instagram app that allows users to access accounts, upload photos and videos, and follow other Instagram accounts and much more to do. The only difference between the official app and OG Instagram is that it allows users to download the media files easily.

The interface of OG Instagram is almost similar to the Original Instagram but the only difference is that it is read as OG Instagram at the top of the app instead of Instagram. Rather than this all the other things such as feed, explore page , profile, search tool are almost the same.

OG Instagram offers more exciting features as compared to the original applications.

  • This app allows you to login  2 accounts at the same time. You will get notifications from both of the accounts at the same time by using this amazing version of Instagram. This version also offers a feature of downloading multimedia files as compared to the official Instagram. 
  • One of the latest updates to OG Instagram APK is that now you can share the URL of photos and videos with your friends. In this way you can make easy access to the media that you want to see and share with your friends.
  •  A built in follow indicator feature is added to OG Instagram it helps users to find who follows and unfollows him /her. They will get a notification whenever a user follows or unfollows you.
  • This application offers you to access profile pictures  easily or you can even zoom them. Furthermore There is an option of auto play that was missing in the official application. The OG Instagram APK is a third party application and it is not available at the play store. But you don’t worry about its safety, it is 100% safe to use  there is no threat of being banned and compatible with all the devices.

There’s an app that lets you access Instagram accounts and upload photos, videos, follow other people on there to do all those things. The only difference between this “OG” version of Instagram and the official one is where it says at top right corner OG Insta instead of just ‘Instagram’. But everything else – feed , explore page profile search tool are almost identical so if user wants more features then they should download original instagram app from google play store

The interface looks nearly similar as well except for having a different name written across its face in place where logo usually appears. The next curiosity comes when you login to the app by giving “username” & “password” which are preconfigured even before installation. I tried entering my details but it did not work and on further inspection after installation i found that username was hardcoded as ‘login’ and password configured as ‘login123’. Instantly this raises the question – is the source code available for this app over internet really from original developer or has been compiled using some compiler [which would not be difficult since it’s java]. Now we come to the most interesting part, uploading of photos and videos and other features like liking and crunching ( I tried uploading a photo with an inappropriate word written on it 🙂 ) all seems normal till here.


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