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Did you know that poor communication can cause a loss of about $62 million to $420,000 a year, depending on the company size? This issue can also lead to employee conflicts, confusion, and reduced work morale.

Using an effective communication style will boost teamwork and help you achieve business goals. Still, the most suitable method may differ depending on the type of business you have and the nature of your employees.

Here, we discuss the best ways to communicate at work and encourage honest feedback. We’ll also mention some tools that managers and employers can use to boost across-rank communication and teamwork.

How to Communicate at Work

The communication styles of your employees may differ depending on their characters. Some may be aggressive, passive, assertive, or passive-aggressive. As a manager, you may wonder about the best communication styles at work.

While each method has its benefits, assertive communication is the most suitable for a workplace. It involves being confident about your opinion but not dismissing other people. With this method, it’s easier to convince your employees to go with your idea without appearing like you are forcing them.

Improving Assertive Communication in a Workplace

Despite the benefits of assertive communication, some people may view it as a sign of overconfidence. If you don’t use the right channels, you can sound rude and arrogant. Still, using various tactics, it’s easy to avoid such issues and improve teamwork in the company.

Some tips to boost assertive communication are:

  • Speaking calmly
  • Maintaining a soft tone
  • Keeping physical distance when speaking
  • Using proper body language

Adopting collaborative channels is a great way to balance communication in the workplace. These allow all employees, including those that aren’t assertive, to voice their opinions.

Encourage cooperation in your company by getting tools that allow two-way communication, like radios. These devices are cost-effective and relatively durable than mobile phones. If you would like to use these tools, consider using Motorola solutions radio rewards to enjoy discounted offers.

Dealing With Other Communication Styles at the Workplace

Even though assertive communication is the most effective one, not each employee can use it. Learning how to handle people using other styles can prevent conflicts and boost productivity.

Aggressive communicators always express their feelings and thoughts. Due to this, they tend to interrupt others and control conversations. Since such people may react before thinking clearly, they may cause conflicts.

Still, they are great for positions requiring the leader to command respect. The best ways to deal with such employees are:

  • Advising them on better ways to voice their views
  • Making sure the conversation is always on topic
  • Using workplace communication tools that need less physical interaction

Passive communicators hold in their views and listen to people voicing theirs. This aspect often leads to bitterness and anger, especially when they don’t feel understood. Still, such people are easy to get along with and can help solve conflicts.

In case you have employees who communicate passively, connect with them by asking open-ended questions. Besides, avoid dismissing their ideas and give them chances to express themselves.

Use the Best Communication Style

Using the most suitable communication style in a workplace can boost teamwork. It also makes it easier to connect with employees who are aggressive or passive when expressing themselves.

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