Human nature is inquisitive. We question everything we find new and mysterious. For answers, we seek reasons that are supported by scientifically proven data to help us satisfy ourselves. One such mystery is the urge to take drugs. Why one does gets addicted to drugs? For understanding “why” we need to know “how”.

How do drugs work?

Drugs potentially are toxic. Their effect is determined by the amounts taken.
Initially, drugs act by elevating your energy levels, allowing your body functioning to feel better. Long term and high dosage work exactly opposite to this. Hormones of happiness and sedation are released by your brain that shut down your nervous system blocking all the sensations. The person taking drugs for a long duration finds hallucinations soothing making his/her social behavior worse.
Most of us find this common knowledge that is available on every other pamphlet and campaign. Still, why? There can be numerous reasons possible that lead one to take drugs and become an addict.

Possible reasons for taking drugs:

In a world full of rising awareness and population, reasons for falling prey to drugs are diverse. A few basic ones involving most aspects of life are:
Escape from mental health issues
Drug abuse
Peer pressure
In the wake of adventure
All of the above-mentioned points can be triggered by a variety of traumas, feelings and encounters. Each of these can be very difficult and different for the suffering individual. Allow me to help you understand a few

Escape from Mental health issues:

This world is expanding in all directions. Where there are reasons for living and being happy, there are reasons that can be equally gloomy. People face traumas and problems every single day that throw them into the dark pit of mental health issues. These include depression, anxiety, stress, and other illnesses.
Some of these unstable individuals get exposed to drugs that make them feel at peace with their emotional baggage. The neural activities being suppressed allow them to think that drugs are helping them from the damage they can cause to themselves and their loved ones.

Drug abuse:

Have you ever noticed why pharmacists double-check your doctor’s prescriptions? Or why some over-the-counter drugs are never given more than a certain amount? Well, that’s because some people find their addiction in medicinal drugs. Astonishing right? There are several different kinds of drugs that have sedatives and addictive drugs as a main constituents. People often find these medicines hallucinating.
Once taken in excessive amounts, these drugs end up becoming a routine requirement. Careless and unmonitored use of these drugs leads to their abuse.

Peer pressure:

Company affects you no matter how bad you want to or even try to avoid the negatives.
We all have seen documentaries and content about individuals trying to fit into a new company by doing things they like. Being a youngster, this seems to be the only nice way to make friends to me as well. But while doing so, a few of us often forget the dangers of it.
Many people get stuck with the wrong kind of influence that introduces them to drugs. They might take this as an activity just to blend in for the time being but it takes a lifetime to recover in certain cases.


Humans are called social animals. Some of these social animals find an escape from their lonely lives in delusions. Such people are left unchecked by society as well which makes it even harder for them to reject the negative effects of the drugs they are taking. Eventually, they start living on drugs.

In the wake of adventure and experimentation:

Curiosity is an element of human nature. But what if it pushes you into a dangerous rumble that might result in death. Some curious minds try drugs as an adventure or as an experiment to check if they are strong enough to restrain from using them again. Unfortunately, drugs are more monstrous than that.
These minds in the search of answers and adventure are engulfed by the dizziness of drug use.
All of these situations are very unfortunate and quite heartbreaking. How can we help such fellows?
Maybe we should start by keeping a check on all of the people we are close to. We can also help them by treating everyone politely and offering them help from a professional rehabilitation center.

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