Why is Live Video Shopping already a hit?

The newest business trend – live shopping or livestream ecommerce, which combines technology advancements with the traditional, quaintly nostalgic notion of at-home buying is gaining popularity all across the world. Live Shopping in the USA is especially gaining momentum. 

In 2021, you may go live shopping

In a purchasing experience that may seem a bit people-less, live shopping or live video shopping offers a vital dose of human connection. Ecommerce buying is quick and easy, but the answer for human contact or an online shopping experience is something brands have long wanted to add but haven’t been able to find out.

Though a post-COVID existence is on the horizon, and some sort of normalcy will undoubtedly return, live shopping, like many other new or adapted consumer behaviours and technology, will remain a critical pillar of the purchasing experience.

Live Streaming commerce or simply live commerce combines the finest elements of both digital and physical shopping experiences. It is because of this sweet spot that it has become the takeaway retail trend of 2021, with implications that go well beyond just being a means to generate sales during a pandemic.

This is a permanent change, and brands must be prepared.

The success of live video shopping and Retail

Customers love to watch their favourite celebrities or influencers talking to them in real-time  hosting unboxing of products, launching new products, disclosing their skincare secrets, and running live contests and giveaways via livestream shopping shows. By serving as a source of entertainment, a good live online shopping host can keep customers interested for longer. Compare how long you pay attention to a TV commercial vs a TV program on average. Customers want to be entertained rather than sold to.

The ability to engage is where live online shopping outperforms conventional eCommerce. This may make or break a transaction, particularly when dealing with new consumers.

Live video shopping may provide a much more interesting introduction to a brand and its products than reading off a screen. Hosts not only have greater space to provide information, but they may also answer questions through live chat to address prospective consumers.

A sale is more likely to occur if a company can address a customer’s concerns, comfort them in their purchase decision, and provide the concrete advantages of purchasing.

The Advantages of live Streaming Commerce

The advantages of livestream ecommerce to sell products are enormous. Many of them are extensions of the promise of online shopping, such as reduced distribution costs, improved customer experience, monitoring and evaluating marketing activities, and brand loyalty.

Lower Distribution Costs

When goods are sold directly to customers from a warehouse rather than being delivered from brick-and-mortar facilities, livestream shopping to sell products lowers overhead expenses. Live commerce also simplifies the shopping process.

Enhance Customer Experience

Influencers work as a customer support agent and a salesman on the floor. They show features, talk about how products work in their everyday lives, and address consumer concerns. They may also compare and contrast several goods and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each. The influencer-as-brand ambassador engages directly with consumers via livestream shopping shows which help businesses improve customer value.

Loyalty to a Brand

As consumers engage more and more with the individual selling the goods, the influencer-as-brand ambassador fosters long-term brand loyalty. Customers respect brands more as they develop a personal connection with them via live online shopping.

Furthermore, to maintain the connectivity with your customers, go live on a frequent basis. Inconsistent and uneven live online shopping show frequency will only annoy your viewers. Consistency in your schedule also makes marketing and promotion of the program simpler.

The Evolution of Live Commerce in the USA 

Within the next 10 years, live streaming commerce to sell products is expected to become widespread in the United States. While live commerce in the USA is presently gaining momentum. A new generation of consumers in the USA will appreciate the personal touch and convenience that live commerce provides.

A live commerce sector built on influencers will most likely be as successful in North America as it is in Asia.

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