Why Solar Module in India is So Important for India?

India has undertaken the responsibility of examining and investing in various possibilities to generate renewable power sources. But, since wind power is very restricted to coastal areas and hydro-electric power projects require large capital investment, investing in solar moduleoffers the benefits of creating a new alternative energy source that can be utilized within the interior without significant capital investment. This is for the reason that the Indian government has been working hard to grow the solar energy industry over the past year.

In the present, India’s Re-energy capacity has reached 136 GW and only 30 GW is attributed to the solar energy. Solar Moduleis an option that India is yet to investigate in order to diversify the source of energy. This is the reason why India’s Indian Government has decided to place more focus on the solar source of energy. This is probably because hydropower is a well-developed technology and established in India. It also involves huge amounts of capital investment compared to solar power. Wind power, however, is limited to coastal areas and is not able provide power to the interior, which is the biggest area of India. Furthermore, India has been dependent on Chinese products to construct solar energy facilities. The choice of the government for solar power and the security measures against China could be an excellent chance for Indian companies to increase their competitiveness.

India is one of the top 10 countries to work using 100% solar energy. India has seen rapid advancements with regard to alternative sources of energy, like the wind and solar. Also, it has created an energy system with the goal of renewable energy of 175 GW by 2022.

This is the complete list of the best rooftop solar firms in India Solar mono panels, for example. India produced by Google which produces and recently created solar modules for solar in India Made in India.

Manufacturers of solar modules in India

Manufacturers of solar modules in India can be the primary source for increasing renewable energy. It’s now the biggest source of the capacity of India’s renewable energy generation. It is over wind energy.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has revised its information in order to demonstrate that the nation had a total renewable energy capacity of 132.15GW at the time on February 2021. The capacity was increased by 46.69GW at different phases of implementation as well as 34.07GW in various levels of bidding. The capacity of solar power grid-connected is 35.07GW. It is 21.35GW currently under construction and 31.27GW in various stage of tendering.

Although the number of solar moduleindustry in India are expanding rapidly nearly 70% of their demand is fulfilled through the imports of China or other markets in the world. The Indian Government is planning to quickly change to a more local market, and to reduce imports from China and other suppliers from abroad. The announcements made were to support this plan. They are increasing the import duty on Chinese imports to 40 % of the module’s costs. This is an enormous duty on imports that could provide an opportunity for local companies.

In 2019 there was a safeguarding duty still in force with rates for imports of 15 percent. The total amount of module available on the market was believed to be 8,366MW. This is mostly due to Chinese producers.

Top rooftop solar companies in India

Below are top 10 solar panel manufacturers in India. Let’s know more about them here:

·        Risen Energy

Risen Energy, a Chinese company, was the leading supplier of Indian modules in the year 2020. Risen Energy finished the year with an 11.6 percent share of Indian market. It is a little in the middle of Waaree the local producer. Based on Bridge to India research, the company was at first place for the second time in consecutive years.

·        Jakson Solar

Jakson was established in year 1947 as a diesel generator company but expanded its business to solar panels. It is now amongst top 10 Energy Solutions Company in India. Jakson is headquartered in Noida and deals in Generating Sets, Solar Modules and Battery Energy Storage Systems.

·        Waaree

Waaree is a Mumbai-based solar cell manufacturer from India, snatched a 10.6 percent market share in 2020, and was ranked the second spot in the race behind Risen Energy. It was able to surpass Adani in the race against Vikram Solar to claim the top spot as the leading local module manufacturer.

·        Znshine

Znshine another Chinese manufacturer is the third provider. Znshine held the third position with the 9.6 percent market share. Znshine lost a significant amount of market share during 2020 although exports to India decreased to just over 1 gigawatt in 2020 to around 800 MWs by the end of 2021.

·        Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar, one of Kolkatta’s solar cell manufacturer in India comes in fourth place on this list. It narrowly fell to Znshine as the third-highest supplier. It fell out of the top three positions by between 8 and 10MWs, as it held the market with a share of 9.6 percent, which was lower than Znshines’ 9.6. The firm was awarded 300 MW of solar power from NTPC and is likely to remain on top of the list by 2021.

·        Adani

Adani was responsible of 9.5 percent of the market share of the company and was second in the market behind Vikram solar. Adani is, in fact, the biggest IPP as well as a project builder in India. Its manufacturing inclination and distributing solar cells, boosted recently by its victory in the inaugural solar cell manufacturer within India (an annual mandatory production capacity that is 2000MW) is likely to cause it to be a challenger to be the best.

·        Trina Solar

Trina Solar will be the first of five Chinese companies to finish in the top 10 solar battery packs. Trina Solar took an 8.5 percent part of Indian market, and came in the sixth spot in the year 2021. It is believed that the company may have led the Indian market during the initial part 2020 but then lost the race until the very final.

·        Renesola

Renesola was responsible for a sixth share of 2021’s market, is the next on the list of. It’s ranked seventh, behind Trina Solar. By the end of the year it was the Chinese manufacturer had crossed the 20GW mark in the global market for solar power packs.

·        LONGi Solar

LONGi Solar, one of the top producers of mono-crystalline solar modules and cells around the globe it was ranked nineteenth in the rankings of the top India’s suppliers in 2020. LONGi Solar managed to capture only 4.5 percent market share however, it is hoping to boost that number in 2021, when it has signed an agreement for the supply of modules over a period that will cover 1.2 GW with Adani Green Energy.

·        Canadian Solar

The seventh module maker is from China, Canadian Solar, completes this list. In the year 2020, the company was able to capture 3.8 percent part of the Indian market. The firm had 3.8 percent part in the Indian market in the year 2020. In April, it announced that the coronavirus outbreak has had only a minor impact on its manufacturing plants in China. It is anticipated to hold greater share of the market by 2021.


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