Chicken Coop Heater
Chicken Coop Heater

About ten million households in the United States are currently raising backyard chickens, and that number grows every year.

But, what accessories do you need for your backyard chickens? And do you need a heater for them?

Let’s go through why you need a chicken coop heater for your backyard chickens.

Protect Your Backyard Chickens With a Chicken Coop Heater

If you use a chicken coop heater, your chickens won’t have to be at risk of inclement weather as climate change makes weather systems throughout the world wonky. This will be less stress for you since you won’t have to run around rounding up your chickens when a tornado hits.

So, if you’d prefer to be able to keep your chickens inside more often, you can use a heater to help. But, your chickens will still need to be let out for a portion of the day.

Keep Your Chickens and Their Coop Warm

It’s important to ensure that your chickens stay warm, especially at night. Your chickens themselves are pretty decent at regulating their heat, because of their feathers and how they perch to protect themselves. But, that may not be enough in extreme temperatures.

And, if your chickens have to spend too much energy trying to keep warm, it can cause damage to their immune system and cause them to become ill. This can be particularly dangerous for older chickens.

But, your chickens aren’t the only thing in your henhouse that may need temperature help. If the water supply in your coop freezes, your chickens will be prevented from drinking water.

And, freezing temperatures can cause damage to your chicken’s eggs. Because of the protective layers within the egg, the cold can cause the shell to crack. Cracked eggs cannot be used, and will have to be disposed of.

Basically, the rule of thumb is, if your temperatures drop below freezing, it may be necessary to use a heater. Otherwise, you may want to hold off, since you don’t want your chickens to overheat either.

Be Careful With Your Heater

While there are definite pros to using a heater for your chickens, you still need to be very careful with your usage. Make sure that your chicken coup heater is positioned away from any fire hazards. Heaters can be very flammable, particularly with the materials that tend to be in a chicken coup.

And, do your research to ensure that you’ve chosen the best chicken coup heater for your needs. Look for a safe chicken coup heater, such as the Cozy Coop

It’s also important to ensure that the temperature in your coop doesn’t change rapidly for your chickens. This could cause them to go into shock. Gradually transition in a heater, if necessary.

Buy a Chicken Coop Heater

Don’t delay; clearly, you may need a chicken coop heater for your chickens. So, look into your options today.

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