Will I Always Win Money From a Slot Bonus Round?

Last Updated on April 4, 2022 by admin

If you are a high rolling genius, then one of the possibilities online is you will know that a bonus round is going to bring home the bacon if you have bet right and have the gods of luck on your side.


So, how do Slot Game Bonus Rounds Work and What do they Mean?

The big fish like you will surely be well acquainted with what your standard bonuses are and what you can get from them but let us slow it down and confirm some of the most popular types of bonuses. This way, you know every which way to trick the machine and keep that healthy bank account ticking over.

1.       Free Spins

Our humble friend and simple bonus, the free spin is the most common of bonus rounds that a player can get in an online slot game – and it does exactly what it says on the tin!

2.       On the House! –

Not only do casinos often bless you with a cheeky spin, but sometimes they might even through in a few quid here and there just for you

3.       Multipliers

These are easy, and when your favourite token shows up saying ‘x2, or ‘x5’ , or ‘x10’ then you know that your account balance is just about to run out of space. You have to use these multipliers to your advantage and then how much to put down on the slot

4.       Arcade games

Hark back to your yonder years, in the arcade jigging the joystick on asteroids or space invaders. Often casino games offer a bonus round of a similar but themed version of these games, whereby if you win you will secure extra moolah! Remember your training and best of luck!

Does Every Bonus Mean a Big Win?

Bonuses are there to offer you the edge in online slot games and to keep you playing, so it important to remember that what they are offering may not come true.

Bonuses do not necessarily mean jackpots, or even wins for that matter:

·         If you fail at a bonus round then that could be your jig up and no extra for you

·         If the bonus relates to money then if you miss spin or fail at the arcade game then no wins for you

·         Your bonus might simply be our old friend the ‘free spin’ which does not entitle you to steal the jackpot but rather just gives you a little helping hand on your journey to get there

It is important to know that spin games are just about fun, so if the bonuses are not taking you to the right places, relax and try again another day, we’re not going anywhere!