Four Wine Replacements for a Healthier Lifestyle

Wine is one of the world’s most popular beverages. We like it with dinner, at social occasions, and even as a wonderful treat on its alone. However, when we want to order wine delivery, we may think twice since we’re more health-conscious than ever and looking for alcohol alternatives.

Numerous studies have found that moderate wine consumption leads to a healthier and longer life. However, the amount of moderate drinking’ has always been the focal point of these clinical studies. The official CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guideline defines moderate amounts as one glass for women and two glasses for men per day; however, even small amounts can be harmful in children, during pregnancy, or while taking medications. Looking for wine alternatives does not always mean giving up wine; you may also want to replace your wine after one or two glasses on the same night.

It’s also important to be aware of its sugar and alcohol content. Generally, if we assume that the wine’s alcohol level is generally between 12-15% and dry, A standard 5oz glass of wine contains between 90-120 calories, with the majority coming from alcohol. If you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you may want to consider switching to other drinks with less sugar and alcohol.

Here are four delicious alternatives that you can drink or use instead of wine.


Wine adds flavor and moisture to many dishes as it simmers along with the food. Acidity is an important factor in wine, as it helps to tenderize the meat and keep the dish moist while it cooks. High acidity wines are therefore ideal for cooking.

Several ingredients can be used as substitutes for wine in cooking, and they all have unique properties that can add new dimensions to your dish. Vinegar is one of them. It is a fermented liquid such as wine and has enough acidity to be a good substitute for wine in cooking.

When substituting wine in recipes, it is critical to keep your desired flavor in mind. For example, red wine vinegar is excellent for cooking beef and pork. It gives dishes a sweet, full-bodied flavor that pairs well with more complex foods. White wine vinegar is lighter and goes best with chicken or fish. It helps create tender meals that don’t have too much of an overpowering vinegary taste.


Kombucha has been part of many cultures for centuries. It is made using a fermentation process with tea, yeast, and bacteria, which results in a drink with subtle fizzy, floral, and fruity flavors. It is similar to brewing beer or wine.

Kombucha is a great wine alternative to make the celebration special for everyone

Sparkling Juices

In almost any grocery store, one can find a variety of non-alcoholic sparkling grape drinks on the shelf. This is because these drinks are relatively new to the public and it offers a beverage that’s similar to champagne but without having an alcoholic kick. Grape juice has been around for thousands of years, but sparkling grape juices are a relatively invention. They are prepared with 100 percent natural grape juice and a variety of unusual aromas. The sparkling effect in these juices comes from the same fermentation method as in sparkling wine, but the fermentation process is stopped using pasteurization to prevent the production of alcohol. This makes sparkling grape juice a perfect alternative to sparkling wine because they contain the same bubbles but without the alcohol. So next time you’re looking for a fun and bubbly drink, try sparkling grape juice! That’s great for those who want bubbles but don’t want the side effects of alcohol!


Mocktails are drinks that look, taste, and feel just like “real” cocktails but don’t contain alcohol. They can be made from a variety of syrups, juices, and non-alcoholic beverages and always come with a name that evokes certain feelings. Also, they are almost always freshly made by some mixology techniques at the restaurant’s bars. Mocktails are popular alternatives to alcoholic beverages for many reasons!

Now you know what to look for when you want to buy wine online. There are many reasons why someone might choose not to consume alcohol. Whatever your reason, I hope you find these wine replacements inspiring. Cheers to a healthier lifestyle!

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