Wooden Pallet

A pallet (also called skid) can be described as a flat transport structure that supports goods in a stable manner while being lifted using a forklift. A pallet is the structural basis of a unit-load, which facilitates handling and storage efficiency.

A pallet is often used to ship goods and shipping containers. It can be secured with strapping or stretch wrap, or shrink wrap. Its use has greatly outpaced older forms like the wooden box or wooden barrel. Because it can be used with modern packaging such as corrugated boxes and intermodal container commonly used for bulk shipping, it is easy to integrate.

Pallets are most commonly made from wood, but they can also come in metal, plastic and paper.

Pallets make it simpler to move heavy stacks. Forklift trucks come in different sizes and can also be used to haul pallets. Concrete floors are excellent for mobility because they are strong and flat. It is necessary to invest in commercial or industrial buildings for economical pallet usage.

In international trade, the absence of a standard international pallet standard causes significant ongoing expense. Due to the variety of requirements that standard pallets must meet, such as passing doorways and fitting in standard containers, as well as bringing down labor costs, a single standard is very difficult. Many organizations, for example, are already familiar with large pallets and don’t see any reason to spend more on handling smaller pallets that can fit through doorways.

Wooden pallets are typically made of three or more stringers, which support several deckboards. The stringer length, and the deckboard length, are the first two numbers in a pallet measurement. Load resisting tipping is easier with square or near-square pallets.

Two-way pallets have been designed to be lifted from the deckboards. GMA pallets (48×40 North American) have stringers measuring 48 inches and 40 inches respectively. It was standardized by the Grocery manufacturers Association. A standard wooden pallet will measure 48 inches x 40 inches x 6 inches or 122 cmx102 cmx 15 cm. It can support a static load of 3 tons (2.7 long tonnes; 2.7t) and a dynamic load of 1 ton (0.89-long-ton 0.91t). Lightweight plastic pallets are as low as 3 to 15, while heavy models may be up to 300 pounds (140 kilograms). “Standard GMA pallets are capable of holding up to 460lbs (210kg). GMA pallets usually weigh 37 pounds (17 kilograms) and are 6+1/2 inches (170 mm). Their deck boards measure 3+1/4inches (83mm) in width and are 5/16in (7.9mm thick). Other dimensions may be available with different weight capacities.

Heavy duty IPPC Pallets have a 44 inch (1,118mm) width by 48 inches (1.219 mm). They also have three wood stringers, each measuring a nominal 4 in (102 mm), 3 in (76 mm), and weighing approximately 135 lb (61 kg). The deck is completely covered by 30mm (1.18in), plywood. This deck can be painted in blue in European countries and Russia.

You can lift four-way pallets or those with heavy loads (or general-purpose systems which might have heavy loads), by using rigid stringers. These pallets tend to be heavier, more durable and larger than two-way ones.

Pallet owners want their pallets to be able to move through buildings and stack in racks. They also need to be able to access pallet jacks as well to work in automated warehouses. Pallets should also be tightly packed in intermodal containers and vans in order to reduce shipping air.

There are no universally accepted pallet dimensions. Companies and organizations use hundreds of different sizes for pallet production.

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