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When we talk about outfits, it becomes impossible to imagine one’s wardrobe without the presence of T-shirts of various kinds. Over the years, the fashion industry has faced numerous innovations and improvements when it comes to the apparel of different kinds. One cannot simply imagine the everyday routine without a few comfy tees that help people in being comfortable and at ease.

Now you must be wondering that T-shirts for men and women are a recent invention. However, it is vital to come to terms with the fact that it dates back to the times of the Spanish War when people were being given tees so that the soldiers could wear it beneath their main Uniform. Previously the first kind of T-shirt that had gained mass recognition used to be called ‘Union-Suit’.

With the times progressing, a T-shirt started to look like a garment that is widely worn by people all over the World and in India. If there is a quick errand to be run then it is this garment that would help you in doing the work quickly. This particular garment with different types serves numerous purposes for people. Be it a round collar, V-Shaped collar, etc., each one has a specific purpose to be served.

Let me tell you an interesting fact today. The polo t-shirts for men are not a recent innovation. Rather, it was during the colonial times when the Britishers started stepping out to play games and for various outdoor activities. This period gave rise to this garment and eventually, it took various shapes due to various innovations in the field.

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With the help of a cue from the polo tees, now we have several types of tees like striped T-shirts, Graphic T-shirts, Henley T-shirts, etc. For that matter, tees nowadays can also be worn as formal wear just by adding a classic blazer and formal shoes along to go with.

Nowadays, T-Shirts are designed in several different types to give the outfit a cooler look, so that people feel at their best when they adorn it. It was in the mid-1900s when a tee started gaining mass popularity and hence; various kinds of this garment started to originate with the help of innovation in the field.

Now let’s look at the best T-shirt designs that are trending in the year 2021. If we talk about designs then there are a handful of them that stand on the list and attract a huge bunch of people. The list is as follows:

  1. Words Design
  2. Gothic Design
  3. Rainbow Design
  4. Warped text Designs
  5. Animal Portrait Design
  6. Flipped Text Design
  7. Illustrative Figure Design
  8. Repeated Text Design
  9. Simple Text Design
  10. Arched Text Design
  11. Doodle Design
  12. Statement Design
  13. Landscape Design
  14. Retro Design
  15. Floral Design

Printed T-Shirts are trending nowadays due to their varied designs and creativity. Imagine wearing a tee that imparts you not just comfort but also the best look possible. This is a long process when it comes to making it. Nowadays, the prints can range from the design of a cartoon character to that of an imprinted text that you want in your tees. The concept of customization is also coming to play as people get anything printed of their choice in a particular T-shirt.

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