Truck Accident Lawyer

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

When many people are completely exhausted or blindsided by bad news, they at times say they feel as if they have been hit by a truck. In this article, learn about tips to hire a truck accident lawyer in Utah in detail.

For a reason, they don’t say that they don’t feel like they have been hit by a car. A car accident is common, and nearly everyone with a driver’s license has a rear-ended or has ever been involved in a fender bender.

Since trucks are bigger than cars, it is rare to be involved in a truck accident. And when you do, it is advised to hire a truck accident lawyer in Utah, to represent your interest.

But if you are not convinced that you need to hire a truck accident lawyer in Utah, the following are signs that you should hire one:

1. You Require an Ongoing Treatment

If you got injured in a truck accident in Utah and your injuries need ongoing treatment, you might need to work with one of the best attorneys at Swenson & Shelley.

Serious injuries requiring long-term treatment are likely to be scrutinized by insurance firms for a truck driver. Insurance adjusters for your truck accident case might argue that you don’t require treatment and devalue your claims.

Some insurance firms might even hire their own doctors to undermine your treating physician or doctor. Serious injuries are likely to lead to permanent disabilities. And you may not want to handle that case by yourself.

If you hire a truck accident lawyer, you will be able to build a strong case from the beginning and even provide ongoing legal support and assistance during the trial process and claims.

2. Liability for Your Truck Accident Is Disputed

Even when truck drivers are 100% at fault for the incident, you will need to talk to a lawyer right away. Insurers for trucking companies will investigate immediately after the incident and try to gather evidence to let themselves off the hook.

If multiple cars got involved in the truck accident, it means more than one party could be at fault. And this could also mean that several insurance firms would be involved when it comes to subsequent litigation, making your claim even more complicated. Unless you enlist the services of a truck accident attorney in Utah, you won’t get the compensation you deserve.

3. Insurance Firms Want to Talk

Insurance firms are usually quick to settle truck accident cases. Don’t be surprised when you receive a call while you are still recovering in the hospital bed.

But be cautious, as your insurer won’t call to inquire about your health or catch up. In fact, most of them won’t shy away from using sympathy so they can undercut claims.

Whenever insurance firms call, it is to get you to settle for less than you really deserve, record a statement, sign a medical release, or ask questions to undermine your claims.

If you must have a talk with insurance firms, ensure you do so with your truck accident lawyer by your side.

Concluding Remarks!

You should never hesitate to reach out to a truck accident attorney after a serious crash. Whether you want to deal with insurance adjusters or gather evidence, your truck accident lawyer will always come in handy.

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