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A lot of travelers in the UAE are primarily on short vacations. UAE is one of the most expensive and lavish countries. A short vacation cruise dinner can save the time and budget of a traveler. It offers extraordinary dining with good entertainment equal to long cruise vacations. There are different types of meals and multiple cruise packages to offer. 

UAE provides one of the finest cruise dinners all over the world. They have beautiful lakes, rivers, and shorelines, and they also have astonishing bays. It provides eye-soothing scenery with fine dining to improve the overall experience. There are different cruise dinners in UAE, some of them are:

  • Dhow Cruise
  • Alexandra Dhow Cruise
  • Xclusive Cruise
  • Jameela Dinner Cruise – Dubai Creek
  • 5-Star Luxury Dinner Cruise

Dhow Cruise:

Dhow cruise is one of the leading cruise dinner service providers in the UAE. It will make your dinner extraordinary and unique. They provide the best possible service while you experience the essence of Dubai. It feels relaxing as you visit aesthetic sights while having your delicious dinner. They have packages like Deira Creek, Marina Cruise, and more.

Dhow cruise provides extraordinary services to individuals as well as large groups. They do not charge much money and also give quality service to their esteemed customers. You’ll be surprised while savoring the selection of delicious and appealing items at an attractive dhow cruise at a supper price. The cruise starts in the evening time and ends after two hours. Low-price cruise with high-quality food and services.

Alexandra Dhow Cruise:

Alexandra is of the finest cruise dinner restaurant in Dubai Marina. They have been working efficiently since 2008. Alexandra provides the best Marina Cruise services in UAE. It provides exotic vies of Dubai Marina, JBR, and Blue Water Island. Alexandra Dhow cruise is an award-winning floating restaurant providing quality service. 

The services are being provided in night with mouth-watering food and cruise for almost two hours. They have different price charges for different ages of people, while infants are free of cost. It not only provides dinner but also takes care of the entertainment of its customers. Alexandra Cruise shows you the beautiful sites of the Marina and creek.

Xclusive Cruise:

The xclusive cruise provides one of the best possible services to its customers. They offer five-star catering with passion and dedication. For many tourists and locals in Dubai, the Xclusive cruise has established itself as a desirable dining experience. It has now gone further t by teaming with The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina.

Xclusive Cruise provides lavish buffets with a live cooking station while cruising along the Marina and JBR. Fine services and food is provided along with Marina Cruise, Deira Creek, and many more places in 90 minutes. You can cruise along the magnificent Dubai Marina, taking in the magical sights of the Marina.

Jameela Dinner Cruise – Dubai Creek:

Every night of the week, Dubai Creek is filled with dhow boats for dinner cruises. They are lively, lavishly illuminated, and alive with activity. Jameela dinner cruise in Dubai Creek provides excellent service as one of the leading cruise service providers. A classic dhow boat, you may get a taste of the typical Dubai experience. 

They provide buffet-style meal catering to picky eaters with live entertainment, which is entertaining and colorful, making this an excellent choice for a family vacation. They also provide a similar duration of cruises as other companies with comparatively low prices and quality service.

5-Star Luxury Dinner Cruise:

If you want a taste of splendor food, the 5-star Luxury Dinner Cruise is the way to go. It provides extraordinary services and food to make it memorable. It has different timing, like sunset cruise and night cruise. They provide remarkable services at a very little cost. While dining buffet-style on a wide variety of continental and exotic meals. A wide range of juices is also served as you can take in the stunning views while cruising Marina. They provide the finest luxury cruise in Deira creek and Marina Dubai with a delicious meal.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a luxurious and stunning destination for tourists worldwide. One of the best ways to explore the beauty of the UAE is by taking a cruise dinner that offers breathtaking views of the country’s most iconic landmarks, including the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina. Here is a unique overview of the 5 best cruise dinners in UAE that are sure to take your breath away:

  • Bateaux Dubai: This elegant dinner cruise offers a unique dining experience as you cruise down Dubai Creek. Bateaux Dubai is a glass-enclosed vessel allowing you to enjoy the city’s stunning skyline views while enjoying a gourmet meal.
  • Dhow Cruise Dubai: Enjoy a traditional Arabian dinner while cruising down Dubai Creek on a traditional dhow boat. The boat is decorated with Arabic accents, and you can enjoy live music and entertainment as you dine.
  • Marina Dhow Cruise: Another great option for cruising in Dubai is the Marina Dhow Cruise, which takes you through the city’s famous marina area. You can enjoy a delicious dinner and stunning views of the Dubai skyline at night.
  • Lotus Mega Yacht: This luxurious mega yacht is perfect for those looking for an upscale dining experience. The Lotus Mega Yacht offers an exquisite menu and a spacious deck with stunning views of the Dubai coastline.
  • Abu Dhabi Dhow Dinner Cruise: Explore the beauty of Abu Dhabi by taking a traditional dhow dinner cruise. This cruise takes you through the city’s stunning waterways and offers delicious cuisine and live entertainment.

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