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Last Updated on February 16, 2024 by Saira Farman

Unfortunately, the gaming community can be toxic. It is a very competitive space with agro “inhabitants” who might judge another player for their skill. Still, no gaming fans have the right to downplay the significance of fun casual gamers seek. 

Many games exist for mere entertainment without demanding your proficiency and skillfulness. Here are the five game genres you might like if the online gaming space is not comfortable for you!

1. Single-Player Casino Games for Thrill

Gaming websites like casino N1 offer diverse entertainment with all game sub-genres you might want to try. Card games might be the best pick if you like developing strategies and sticking to logic and realism. Random games like Roulettes, slots, dice games, and other resembling options are better for casual gamers who want to chill and enjoy the vibe instead of focusing on planning.

Online casino reviews will help casual gamers find the best sites for table games and slots, yet, it is also vital for those who want to play with real money. If your choice is free-mode, that’s okay and valid! Merely pick a casino that has games with free modes.

2. Sandboxes for Inspiration and Imagination Boosts

The gaming industry has been developing rapidly, and we witness new Sandbox games almost yearly. The best part about them is that you don’t need to focus too much on the gameplay. The point is to create something using in-game tools, a building, a vehicle, or even a whole universe!

Some golden classic sandbox games are:

  • The Sims 4 (BTW, it becomes free on the 18th of October in 2022!)
  • Minecraft
  • Terraria
  • Spore
  • Raft
  • Going Medieval
  • And some other options.

Moreover, sandbox games become tools for unlimited fun when you install mods! It can become chaotic, too, though (but who says chaos cannot be fun?). So, sandbox games are never a bad option!

3. Puzzles for Focus

Please do not suppose puzzle games are simple and exist to make distract kids when they demand your phone. Many puzzle games are a-m-a-z-i-n-g, have distinctive aesthetics and interesting plots, and give gamers unique experiences. Besides, they are an excellent way to focus on something other than reality for a while.

Puzzle games don’t require too much time and energy to plunge into the world, so it is one of the reasons why they are perfect for casual gamers! Some of the finest puzzle games are:

  • Monument Valley
  • Rusty Lake (series; they are 10/10 and have a whole universe behind the puzzles! Plus, many of the chapters are free or very cheap)
  • Forgotten Hill (another series with free or cheap chapters with a horror setting)
  • The Room (series, yet again).

4. Visual Novels to Laugh and Gasp

Visual novels are usually plot-driven, and the player reads through the story. Of course, looking for games with diverse settings would be best to get all your emotions! For instance, “Doki Doki Literature Club!” is a free dating sim with lighthearted humor but can become unexpectedly dark…

There are no choice restrictions and limits: from mystery story collections to queer comedy games like “Dream Daddy” and resembling projects. Of course, many visual novels imply that the main character (well, you) will romance other characters. Yet, that might be optional if you get apps with novels that focus on the action more than on dates.

5. Single-Player RPGs Where You Can Adjust Difficulty for Epic Feelings

If you believe that RPGs are for “serious” gamers and are too hard for you, do not worry. Many games allow you to toggle the settings to make the world a flower field to enjoy. Hence, you can still fight dragons in Skyrim (it never gets old), explore post-apocalyptic cities in Horizon Zero Dawn, and facepalm each time you hear another chaotic-evil joke in the South Park game. 

Of course, Dark Souls’ challenges might be a bit harsh for a casual gamer, but many other projects can be friendly to people here for fun, great music, epic journeys, and gripping exploration. There are also free casual games like Genshin (but note that this game might be a bit intrusive about making you go for in-app purchases; also, its plot is pure verbal overdose, but you can skip it).

Final Words

We hope those suggestions are helpful and that you pinpoint some games that may suit your needs! If not, it’s okay; the main point is that there are myriad options to explore, so try to find something independently. After all, the best games are those we enjoy ourselves!

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