Plate Full Of Delicious Delights To Serve At Birthday Party

Last Updated on January 31, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

A birthday is one of the most celebrated occasions worldwide, and it brings the opportunity to invite close friends and families to share some special moments. Also, it brings the opportunity to get a shower of blessings from well-wishers. But what’s special you are planning to add to your menu to give your guest the treat of deliciousness?

Well! If your birthday is falling soon and you are still in a dilemma about shortlisting the super tasty delights for serving your guests, then stop overthinking. Let’s unveil the list of combo foods that you can arrange to welcome your guests with a tasty nasta box.

1] Eggless Fruit Medly Cake With Cinnamon Chips

If you want to welcome your guest with something extraordinary, go with an eggless fruit medley cake. To do a perfect preparation, you can add cinnamon chips along with some homemade snacks to the plate. Further, don’t forget to place online cake delivery in Lucknow or other places at the last moment. Always keep enough time in hand to get the customized cake with no compromise in quality and timely birthday party celebration.

2] Rashmalai Pista Cake With Peanut Butter Cookies

The next ones on the list are peanut butter cookies and rash malai Pista cake. When these two are served together on a plate, your guest would just hop on eating. As rash malai Pista is super delicious, always go with enough-sized cake because your guests at the party would definitely not be satisfied with a tiny bite.

3] Paradise Pineapple Cake With Salty Cookies

The combination of sweetness and salty cookies gives a melodious feel to the mouth. So, if you are preparing for an upcoming birthday party, then definitely add salty cookies and paradise pineapple cake to your menu. You can serve these combos just after the cake-cutting ceremony. Further, you can put chocolate balls, potato chips, and other sweet and salty flavoured snacks to give a warm welcome to your guests.

4] Black Forest Cake With Dates and Grilled Sandwich

The world’s most famous and frequently bought cake is here on the list. You can Order Black Forest Cake Online or buy it from your local bakeries before the birthday party celebration takes place. You can pair it with a few pieces of dates and a homemade grilled sandwich to serve the sweetness and salty delicacy on a plate. While making a sandwich, try to fill it with an additional layer of cheese, veggies, and garnishing elements as well to serve something special to your guests.

5] Colorful Fondant Cake With Dry Fruits and French Fries

The next thing to throw a delicious birthday treat is the combination of designer fondant cake and french fries. When you put the piece of cake on a plate, you can decorate it around with french fries. Further, to add some healthy elements to the snack plate, you can put dry fruits like cashews, pistachios, and raisins, along with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and more. All these elements will make a complete treat to serve something different yet delicious to all your guests.

What Can You Serve After Having Snacks?

The whole meal serving plan depends on the duration you have decided to enjoy the party. For instance, you have invited your guest for a full day to celebrate a special birthday party that is going to be full of fun and entertainment; then you can start the day by serving a healthy drink and then plan for a healthy brunch followed by evening snacks and a delicious dinner with a piece of healthy or homemade sweet.

It must be noted that the choice of healthy drinks can be based on season and weather conditions because you would never want your guest to suffer from bad health conditions after going from your party. But yes, a few beverages can be shortlisted that are evergreen to be consumed regardless of season or weather conditions. It can be fruit juice, a milk shake made with seasonal fruits, a smoothie made with chia seeds, and significantly more.

When it comes to asking your guests for breakfast or other meals based on the time you have scheduled for the same, ensure that your plate is full of colors. It means you can put varieties on a plate that should be of different colors that can bring water to their mouth just after giving a glance.

And yes, it is not expensive to serve a meal full of colorful elements on a plate; you can save a huge amount without compromising health benefits. Also, you can prepare a few items at home, and you can buy the remaining items online or from your local market.

What Are Some Healthy Meal Options To Serve In A Birthday Party?

You can prepare a plate that consists of a couple of multigrain pancakes, a piece of fried fish, eggs, or grilled chicken, a small cup of basmati rice paired with dal tadka, a bowl full of mixed veg, colorful salad, a homemade sweet like burfi, and some paneer pakora. Further, you can customize the meal serving menu based on your convenience to prepare homemade foods, the choice of your guests, and time availability.