Are Pop Up Displays Still Popular?

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In short, yes! Pop Up Exhibition Stands are as popular as ever and create an impressive display stand. Even in a saturated market, Pop Up Stands are still chosen and take a large stance in exhibition halls.

The Pop Up Exhibition Stand is a known and comfortable stand, which is lightweight, easy to transport and can be adjusted to suit different stand sizes and shapes.

A design which can be used by new and existing exhibitors, with a range of variations to suit each need. The Pop Up Stand has been around for years and shows no signs of slowing down!

Pop Up Mechanism

The familiar pop up mechanism is universally known and the name of the stand, explains the name of the mechanism. The frame pop ups and connects in the middle with additional metal struts.

To ensure the stand can be used by all exhibitors, it’s possible to assemble the stand with just one person.

Storage and Transport

What makes an exhibition stand more attractive is the how you’ll be able to store and transport. In actual fact the stand is used less than it is stored, so it’s important to make sure it’s stored safely.

Each Pop Up Stand comes supplied with a carry case. A strong and robust toughened plastic to withstand transportation and being taken from venue to venue.


Pop Up Stands are made in cubes. For example, a 3×3 stand is 3 cubes high x cubes wide, and shouldn’t be mistaken with metres. If your requirement needs a certain meterage or to create a different stand shape, it’s possible to link various pop up stands together.

The linking process is easy, as the custom printed panels will discreetly link the pop up stands together.


Needing to use the same printed panels for years is quite uncommon. Things change in a business, a logo, new products and the general evolution of what you have to offer.

Therefore, the printed panels aren’t relevant any more. It’s nothing to worry about, as the Pop Up stand wants to change and adapt with you. All that’s needed is new printed panels so you can refresh and change the appearance of the display.

Utilise the same hardware and reinvent your stand with fresh new laminated panels.

Available for all spaces

Not only can the width be adjusted with the help of the linkable design. But the height is an important factor.

The standard height is 2.2m, but for those who have no height restrictions, the Jumbo 3m option is a smart way to create a scene (in a good way).

At the opposite end, if there are height restrictions, the Midi height shows a humble 1.8m high stand. With multiple heights available, the Pop Up Stand can be tailored to all stand sizes.

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