7 Benefits of Choosing Matte Kitchen Countertops

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

If you think choosing a countertop is enough, it is not. Its material, color, and design are indeed essential for kitchen countertops. But, the finish you choose has a great visual impact on the entire cooking area. That is why it is necessary to pick the best finish for the top. Whether you have marble, granite, or quartz slabs, consider the top best options.

In general, you have two choices: glossy or matte finishes. And both have their merits and demerits. But, the majority of people choose the matte finish on kitchen counters. It is becoming popular in modern kitchen setups. Also, a matte countertops finish can create a perfect texture for your interior. In the same way, it is stylish and practical too.

Matte surfaces are a recent trend for most homeowners. Here are some benefits of choosing a matte finish for your kitchen countertops:

  1. Less reflective surface
  2. Perfect for modern kitchens
  3. Great aesthetic appeal
  4. Hides stains and smudges
  5. Smooth texture
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Compatible with glossy cabinets
7 Benefits of Choosing Matte Kitchen Countertops

Less reflective surface:

You can’t go wrong with a matte finish on kitchen counters. It is much less reflective than a glossy surface. If you have a larger kitchen with many light fixtures, a matte finish will absorb the extra light. As a result, your kitchen will have a final matte glare. Also, it prevents your kitchen from looking monotonous. So, these hard surfaces shine perfectly in an open and spacious kitchen.

Perfect for the modern kitchen:

One of the best merits of choosing matte kitchen counters is that it offers the best modern outlook. Well, matte finish is a recent development in both counters and cabinets. Also, it is not readily available on most surfaces. But, it makes it less common and more stylish. So, to achieve a modern look, it is best to have a matte surface.

Great aesthetic appeal:

No doubt, matte kitchen countertops have a great aesthetic appeal. They offer raw looks with more lighting. That’s why they are trending. Also, they absorb light that results in a muted surface. That is why a matte finish gives a concrete look and feel. Most people find it appealing and uniform. Similarly, the matte finishes look perfect in thicker slabs. But, do not go for this finish if you have a small cooking area.

Hides stains and smudges:

Well, you should go for matte finishes as they can easily hide stains and smudges. It is a good reason to choose this type of surface. Unlike glossy finishes, matte ones can hide small imperfections. In the same way, they are perfect messy counters. Also, it does not show stains and scratches. That is why matte counters are a practical choice for busy homes.

Smooth texture:

Many homeowners like the soft touch of matte kitchen counters. They have a sophisticated and smooth texture. If you want to have a smooth but sturdy texture, go for matte finishes. Also, it brings a soft and natural feel to it. These surfaces are the best choice for people who prefer raw looks. So, the subtle texture gives a welcoming feel.

Easy to clean:

What’s better than having clean kitchen countertops? Due to its plain and matte surface, it is easy to clean. Unlike glossy counters that show stains and spill clearly, matte finishes are easy to clean. But, a daily cleaning routine is a must for these surfaces. Also, they do not require high maintenance. They are a perfect alternative to high-gloss counters. But, try not to leave oily stains on their surfaces.

Compatible with glossy cabinets:

You can mix and match matte surfaces with various types of cabinets. They look perfect with glossy cabinets. If you have a large size kitchen and shiny cabinets, go for an L-shaped matte counter. Also, the matte surface will absorb the shine of glossy cabinets. In this way, you can have the best pair for your kitchen.

For instance, you have dark color cabinets with a gloss finish. Choose a white marble slab with a matte finish. It is a deadly combination for a modern kitchen. In the same way, you can opt for a dark matte counter with neutral cabinets. So, matte finishes are compatible with any kitchen setup.

Pro tip: If you have a small kitchen space, then do not choose a matte countertop. It will make the place even more concise.


To conclude, you have variations in kitchen trends. New options are coming every day. Choosing a matte finish for kitchen countertops is a personal choice. It is not only pleasing to your eyes but also practical to use. Also, they are ideal for modern kitchens as they can absorb extra light.

For more benefits, their ability to hide stains and scratches is perfect. That is why these surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. So, if you want a smooth textured slab, go for matte finishes. In this case, silver marble granite has some best deals on kitchen counters.

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