5 Best Content Writing Services in India

Last Updated on March 4, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

10 words are all you get! 10 words are all it takes for a reader to decide whether they want to give you a shot. And in these words, the future of the reader’s engagement with the content is decided. Whether your business wants to improve its social media engagement or get new funding, the content needs to have a punch that makes it unforgettable. But we know that content creation is not easy and requires refined skills to get your message across to the reader.

Thankfully, many SEO content writing services in India have professional writers who create meaningful content and help you save money. There are several advantages of hiring a content writing agency; however, the biggest is receiving quality content at affordable rates. There are many content writing agencies in India, but here are our top five picks!


Content-Whale, launched in 2018, appoints each customer an individual content strategist who curates, checks and provides individual attention to ensure the customer’s needs are met. This strategy, along with Content-Whale’s custom content-curation, and 48-hours delivery, are the reasons why Content-Whale has over 1,000 brands as clients.

The company works across 42 content niches, including articles and blogs, copywriting, technical content, SEO content, website content, and many more. Their diverse experience across 40+ industries makes the company the most preferred content writing service in Mumbai. Content-Whale has a team of over 500 experienced writers and subject matter experts. In addition to content writing, Content-Whale also provides their clients secondary services like keyword research that can boost content quality.

Write Right

Write Right is another popular content writing agency. With six years of experience under their belt, Write Right has a team of 50 professional content writers. They have served over 1,200 national and international brands and have completed a milestone of 10,000 projects. Write Right is a partner of over 50 aspiring agencies and provides unique content strategies to each client.

Write Right is quite popular for providing ghostwriting services to customers. Their services dossier includes technical writing, creative writing, blogs and articles, website content, and scriptwriting. The agency specializes in content marketing and is known for being a deadline-driven team that can provide quality content within 48 hours.


Estorytellers is a subsidiary of Write Right. Much like the parent company, Estorytellers offers a range of services, including technical content, creative content, blogs and articles, SOP and LOR writing, scriptwriting, translation, etc. However, as the name suggests, Estorytellers leans more towards creative content creation than technical content. In line with this motto, Estorytellers also provides ebook writing services.

The company has received over 100 5-star reviews on various platforms. Estorytellers targets a very specific client market. While Write Right focuses on national clients, Estorytellers caters specifically to businesses in India and the Middle East. The agency is known for being a low-cost content writing service.


Taletel is among the top content writing agencies in India. The core team of Taletel consists of 20 writers. Taletel was founded by an expert content marketer, Bhavik Sarkhedi, who launched Taletel after the success of Write Right and Estorytellers. Taletel is the firm’s international arm and caters to customers in India, the UK, the US, and Canada.

Taletel focuses on providing academic content and is known mostly as an SOP writing agency. However, in addition to academic content, the agency also provides web content writing, copywriting, e-commerce content writing, and other similar services.

Godot Media

Godot Media is a B2B and B2C content writing agency. The company provides a range of services, including SEO copywriting, blogs and articles, social media content creation, and product descriptions. Godot has over 10,000 international clients that it caters to, including AES International, ING, and Genie Ventures.

Godot Media is the most popular in the industry for providing unlimited revisions to clients. They provide a personalized content and content marketing strategy to all clients. The company has been in the industry since 2008 and has provided flexible, affordable services since its launch.

At the end of the day, your voice needs to stand out, and these companies will help you do exactly that with simple words that reflect not only your business values but also resonate well with your customers. If you’re looking to capture the attention of everyone in the audience, it is time to focus on the content you put out and trust a content writing agency to give your words a flair.