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If a mother and father want to have a family in which their children always feel loved and cared for, they must both put in the effort to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. Unfortunately, arguments and fights within a family can frequently lead to the irretrievable breakdown of marital bonds. Because the partners no longer live together in the same house or have any other aspect of their lives in common, the family unit can dissolve as a result of this circumstance. 

Despite this, a family is considered to exist in the eyes of the law long after all connections have been severed, and a man and a woman continue to enjoy the legal rights and duties that are afforded to married individuals. The property that they acquire during their marriage is still regarded to be communal property, even if they opt to live apart from one another. 

In addition, after the divorce is finalized, both parties are allowed to start a new family with anybody they like, regardless of whether or not they were previously married to that person. Because of this, the question of how to get a fast divorce will undoubtedly come up at some point.


To successfully break marital relations legally, a marriage must first be dissolved, which necessitates the thorough examination of a large number of factors and the selection of the most suitable method for doing so. One of the common divorce mistakes hurrying up at this point — where you should take your time.  The attorney says that a client has a choice between two different ways to dissolve a marriage. 

  1. Either spouse can make a request for separation at the local registration office or by bringing a case before the court. 
  2. If both parties choose to dissolve their marriage and there are no young children or difficult financial concerns involved, then they may be able to obtain a divorce by submitting the necessary documents at the office of the local Civil Registry. 

There is also an option to file for divorce online Сolorado or any other state where this is allowed, but this type of divorce is only gaining popularity. An informal settlement is the only viable option for a divorce that is supervised by the court. However, even once a lawsuit has been filed, the court may take an extended period of time to evaluate the matter; during this time, you have very little to no control over the outcome of the case.


There are a variety of factors that might contribute to the amount of time required for the legal process of ending a marriage.

1. Wrongly prepared claim

Those who wish to make a claim with the court need to be aware of the regulations that are outlined in the applicable procedural legislation, and they need to observe those rules. If you violate them, the court may choose to delay further action on your case. 

Even before the official beginning of the divorce process, this is one of the most prevalent concerns that might come from the situation. If nothing is done about the claim, the amount of time it takes to settle it might increase by two or three months (depending on the workload of the judge). 

The experience that the attorneys at Alva Privacy have had in the courtroom indicates that this problem may be circumvented if a claim is correctly drafted and any applicable attachments are prepared in advance, the appropriate court is selected to hear the case, and the required court cost is paid. 

If, on the other hand, a tense circumstance has arisen and the court’s judgment has stalled the claim, it is crucial to promptly remedy the errors noted by the court; otherwise, you will be required to re-file the claim, which will add many additional months of delay to the process of getting a divorce. If a tense circumstance has arisen and the court’s judgment has stalled the claim, it is crucial to promptly remedy the errors noted by the court.

2. Failure to respond to the claim by the defendant

This is one of the narcissist divorce tactics. After the litigation has been initiated, the judgment and the claim are given to the other spouse involved in the dispute. If the defendant in a case does not respond to the court’s letters or the claim in any manner, the court may delay releasing a judgment until the defendant takes some kind of action until the court decides whether or not the defendant is responsible for the situation. 

According to a family law attorney, the best course of action for the defendant, if both parties desire a divorce, is to answer to the court by admitting the other party’s claims and consenting to the divorce. This would significantly speed up the process of getting a divorce. If all parties to the marriage are in agreement about getting a divorce in court and submit all of the required papers, the judge should issue a decision within a month’s.


Our legal team has a few more tips for you that will help you find the fastest way to get a divorce, and they are as follows:

  1. 1. Get mail delivered to you, whether it’s real mail or electronic mail, and make it a point to respond to any messages that are deemed to be urgent to ensure the fastest divorce process.
  2. 2. If your case has been going on for some time, you should check in with the judge’s secretary or assistant on a more regular basis to find out where things stand (phone numbers can be found on the websites of the courts). At some point in the future, the court will go through all of the required procedural stages, and your case will not be forgotten about by anybody.
  3. 3. Don’t forget to provide the defendant’s correct contact information, such as his postal address, phone number, and email address. There is no reason why the defendant should not be given separate notice of the forthcoming action. As a consequence of this, the other partner is able to respond to the case without being taken aback by it.

4. We strongly recommend that you obtain the advice and representation of an experienced family law attorney about plans to speed up family courts so that you may properly draught a statement of claim for divorce and include all of the pertinent facts in it. In situations like this, you should gather more information on the procedure for getting a divorce and seek the assistance of a lawyer.