Big Meech Sister

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Big Meech Sister Nicole Flenory is the younger sister of Demetrius, aka Big Meech, and Terry, aka Southwest T. She was born in 1974 in Dartmouth, Detroit. Nicole lives in Lincoln Park with her family. She is married, but her husband’s name is still unknown. Nicole Flenory has 2 sons. Her eldest son is 28 years old and works as an entrepreneur and her second son works as an advocate for Big Meech’s release. Nicole Flenory has always been distant from her brothers due to their illegal activities. She holds American nationality. By reading this article, you will get a lot of exciting information about Big Meech Sister Nicole Flenory. She is a very reserved and influential participant in the mafia group.

Nicole Flenory Childhood

Her parents lead a simple life. They were very religious. They were not involved in any illegal activity. Her parents died and after her parents, as a child, she faced many difficulties because of her brothers. When she was in high school, her brothers were involved in many criminal activities, including selling drugs like cocaine. After that, they started their own drug-selling business on a large scale.

Age of Nicole Flenory

She is forty-nine years old as of 2023. As a Big Meech Sister, she was a part of the Black Mafia Family (BMF).

The interview details of Nicole Flenory Brothers

In an interview, Nicole Flenory Brothers said that they started their own business to overcome their financial situation and just wanted to make money for their family. They said both of us find a way to make some fast money. So, we decided to sell drugs because of the crime’s non-violent nature. The selling of small cocaine has developed a great interest in them, and they have started selling drugs on a large scale by creating an organization known as Black Mafia Family, also known as BMF. After elevating this organization, they became more powerful and started a money-laundering business as well.

Nicole Flenory Brother’s Death

Black Mafia Organization which is known for drugs and money laundering in the U.S, was organized by Nicole Flenory’s brothers, Big Meech and Terry Flenory. In 2005, the two brothers were sentenced to 30 years for persistent criminal enterprise law as they started their own business on a large scale and recently died.

Nicole Flenory Instagram

Big Meech Sister Nicole Flenory makes her Instagram ID (@ibeennicoleflenory). She has a public Instagram account that has 6200 followers. She uploaded only a few posts on her Instagram, including a couple devoted to her children. In September 2021, she updated an art documentary of his son Dillon Steele in which he is working on a cannabis-related documentary. As she wished her eldest son a happy birthday on March 28, 2021, she posted pictures of him on her Instagram account.

BMF: A True Story

The Black Mafia Family was set up in 1985 by brothers Demetrius “Big Meech” and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory in Southwest Michigan. Their direct connections to Mexican drug cartels and Los Angeles narcotic sources had enabled them to sell heroin throughout the United States by 2000. BMF is not just inspired by something like a simple story; it has been a longtime side project for 50 %. BMF documents the Flenory brothers’ actual ascent and decline. Big Meech and Southwest T aspired to better their lives after growing up in a middle-class home. They started peddling cocaine for $50 when they were in high school. However, they saw a fresh opportunity as the crack cocaine crisis grew across the nation.

BMF is a true story of two brothers who belong to one of the most powerful crime families. The reason for their fame is the charismatic leadership of Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, Terry “Southwest T” Flenory’s economic profit-making awareness and brotherly partnership in the drug trade and into the world of hip-hop. This is a story about capitalism and love.

Movie Adopted From Big Meech’s Black Mafia Family (BMF)

Hollywood adopted this exciting and true story into a movie. This movie presents the lifestyle of a disreputable family. This movie is adopted by a popular TV network with several social media followers named Starz. On September 26, 2021, the project was launched. In this series of BMF, Big Meech’s Sister Nicole Flenory’s role was played by “Laila Pruitt,” who is famous for playing the role of Nikita in the movie “Everything’s Gonna be Okay.” An upcoming second season is in the works.

Big Meech Sister’s Net Worth

According to many reports, big Meech Sister Nicole Flenory’s net worth is about $5 million. But this is not ascertained by anyone yet, and it might not be accurate. Because Nicole Flenory is a very secretive woman, she has not exposed much about her personal life to the public. It is said that before arresting, Nicole Flenory and her brothers “Big Meech” Flenory, and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, an American drug dealer, and businessman, made a lot of money in the drug selling business and money laundering organizations known as the Black Mafia Family.

They were arrested in 2005. The exact net worth is not known by anyone. As of 2023, the annual income of Nicole Flenory’s brothers is $2 million and more.

A career summary of Nicole Flenory

There is no information about her personal life on the internet yet; she led a simple life with her family. Being a member of BMF, she leads simple life away from the varnishing of media attention and investigation of government.

Recent updates regarding Big Meech sister Nicole Flenory

Recent updates regarding Big Meech sister Nicole Flenory

Now Big Meech Sister Nicole Flenory is living a diplomatic and stable life with her family in Lincoln Park (Michigan). She appears to be wealthy day-to-day. There is no recent update about her husband because of her secrecy. Only a few updates are available on her Instagram account and internet yet. Her schooling and further education at the university level are still being investigated. She has shared several posts on her public Instagram account devoted to her sons.   

Dillan Steel, Nicole Flenory’s younger son, is known to have multiple connections in the entertainment business.


After the law enforcement agents came to her brother’s drugs empire, Big Meech’s Sister “Nicole Flenory” must have been cleared of all charges. That’s why she’s not in jail right now. Flenory also helps by giving the details about her brother’s drug empire Black Mafia Family (BMF) to “50 Cents” on how to make a movie.  

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Name the celebrity who plays the role of Nicole Flenory in BMF.

“Laila Pruitt” plays the role of Nicole Flenory in BMF.

What is the reason beyond the reputation of Nicole?

The reason for her reputation is her connection with the Black Mafia Family (BMF) as a Big Meech Sister.  

Where is “Nicole Flenory” living right now?

Nicole is living in her hometown “Lincoln Park” (Michigan).

“BMF” stands for what?

“BMF” stands for “Black Mafia Family,” a TV series of 2021.