Everything About Black Clover: Filler List and Plot

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Black Clover Anime: Filler List

This Black Clover Filler is an Anime Series that is manga. The anime premiered on October 3, 2017, simulcast on Crunchyroll and Viz Media.

Black Clover Filler List

  • “Asta and Yuno” Type “CANON.”
  • “A Young Man’s Vow” Type “MOSTLY CANON.”
  • “To the Royal Capital!” Type “MOSTLY FILLER”
  • “The Magic Knights Entrance Exam” Type” CANON.”
  • “The Black Bulls” Type” CANON.”
  • “Another New Member” Type” CANON.”
  • “Go! Go! My First Mission” Type” MOSTLY CANON”
  • “Beasts” Type” MOSTLY CANON.”
  • “The Wizard King Saw, Continued” Type” MOSTLY FILLER.”
  • “Memories of You” Type” CANON.”
  • “Destruction and Salvation” Type” CANON.”
  • “Assembly at the Royal Capital” Type” CANON.”
  • “Capital Riot” Type” CANON.”
  • “Wild Magic Dance” Type” CANON.”
  • “The King of the Crimson Lions” Type” CANON.”
  • “Blackout” Type “CANON.”
  • “Adversity” Type “CANON.”
  • “Wounded Beasts” Type” CANON.”
  • “Light” Type “CANON.”
  • “Path” Type “FILLER.”
  • “The Mirror Mage” Type” MOSTLY Canon.”
  • “Three Eyes” Type” CANON.”
  • “The One with No Magic” Type” CANON.”
  • “The Magic Knight Captains Conference” Type” CANON.”
  • “Three-Leaf Salute” Type” CANON.”
  • “A Black Beach Story” Type” CANON.”
  • “The Water Girl Grows Up” Type” CANON.”
  • “The Underwater Temple” Type” CANON.”
  • “Temple Battle Royale” Type” CANON.”
  • “Awakening” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Only Weapon” Type” CANON.”
  • “Despair vs. Hope” Type” CANON.”
  • “Beyond Limits” Type” CANON.”
  • “Proof of Rightness” Type” CANON.”
  • “Whoever’s Strongest Wins” Type” CANON.”
  • “Behind the Mask” Type” CANON.”
  • “Never Again” Type” CANON.”
  • “The Man Named Fanzell” Type” MOSTLY FILLER.”
  • “Bettering One Another” Type” CANON.”
  • “Not in the slightest” Type” CANON.”
  • “The Red Thread of Fate” Type” CANON.”
  • “I’m Home” Type” CANON.”
  • “A Fun Festival Double Date” Type” CANON.”
  • “Battle to the Death?! Yami vs. Jack” Type” FILLER”
  • “The Briar Maiden’s Melancholy” Type” MOSTLY Canon.”
  • “Two New Stars” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Uncrowned, Undefeated Lioness” Type “CANON.”
  • “Bad Blood” Type “CANON.”
  • “Peasant Trap” Type “CANON.”
  • “Mister Delinquent vs. Muscle Brains” Type “CANON.”
  • “Special Little Brother vs. Failed Big Brother” Type “CANON.”
  • “Clover Clips: The Nightmarish Charmy Special!” Type “CANON.”
  • “Burn It into You” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Victors” Type “CANON.”
  • “Together in the Bath” Type “CANON.”
  • “Yami and Vengeance” Type “CANON.”
  • “Formation of the Royal Knights” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Black Bull Hideout” Type “CANON.”
  • “Crazy Magic Battle” Type “CANON.”
  • “Mereoleona vs. Rhya the Disloyal” Type “CANON.”
  • “Julius Novachrono” Type “CANON.”
  • “New Future” Type “CANON.”
  • “Reincarnation” Episode Type” CANON.”
  • “The Black Bulls Captain vs. the Crimson Wild Rose” Type “CANON.”
  • “Overwhelming Disadvantage” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Sleeping Lion” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Desperate Path Toward Survival” Type “CANON.”
  • “We Won’t Lose to You” Type “CANON.”
  • “Two Miracles” Type “CANON.”
  • “Release from Misfortune” Type “CANON.”
  • “Lightning of Rage vs. Friends” Type “CANON.”
  • “Smiles, Tears” Type “CANON.”
  • “Path of Revenge, Path of Atonement” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Battle for Clover Castle” Type “CANON.”
  • Battlefield Dancer” Type “CANON.”
  • “Spatial Mage Brothers” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Raging Bull Joins the Showdown” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Eyes in the Mirror” Type “CANON.”
  • “Humans Who Can Be Trusted” Type “CANON.”
  • “Storming the Shadow Palace” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Final Invaders” Type “CANON.”
  • “Mastermind” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Ultimate Natural Enemy” Type “CANON.”
  • “Breaking the Seal” Type “CANON.”
  • “A Reunion Across Time and Space” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Final Attack” Type “CANON.”
  • “Dawn” Type “CANON.”
  • “Three Problems” Type “CANON.”
  • “As Pitch Black as It Gets” Type “CANON.”
  • “Nero Reminisces Part One” Type “CANON.”
  • “Nero Reminisces Part Two” Type “CANON.”
  • “Return” Type “CANON.”
  • “A New Resolve” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Lion Awakens” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Lion Awakens, Continued” Episode Type” CANON.”
  • “Those Who Have Been Gathered” Type “CANON.”
  • “A Black Deep-Sea Story” Type “CANON.”
  • “Charmy’s Century of Hunger” Type “CANON.”
  • “Those Who Wish to Destroy Devils” Type “CANON.”
  • “Recapture” Type “CANON.”
  • “Those Who Worship Devils” Type “CANON.”
  • “Death” Type “CANON.”
  • “Two Things to Look for” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Challenge of the Maidens” Type “CANON.”
  • “Clash! Battle of the Magic Knight Captains!” Type “CANON.”
  • “To Tomorrow” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Chosen Ones” Type “CANON.”
  • “Vice-Captain Langris Vaude” Type“CANON.”
  • “The 5 Spirit Guardians” Type “CANON.”
  • “Awakening Power” Type “CANON.”
  • “The Five-Leaf Clover” Type “CANON.”

In the episode’s title, “Five-Leaf Clover” is used. The following episode will be the finale of a filler story arc called “Six Months Training Arc.” As a result, the fans should anticipate several events in this episode. Even though it is a filler arc, we urge you to go through it. It will provide information about the Spade Kingdom Arc before it occurs.

Is Black Clover Episode 157 Filler: Details and Plot

Asta’s intense training in the previous few episodes has proved beneficial, making impressive gains. “Gaja” wants to know how he can protect himself from magic. Gaja already knows that Asta’s unique ability will be helpful in the fight against the demons. The writers also released the full description of Black Clover Filler List Episode 157. Asta came to the Kingdom of “Heart” to prepare even though he had no magic powers. He got the training from Jack, who lives at the Black Bull’s hideout. Since Asta came to the Kingdom of the Heart six months ago, it’s been six months since his mission began.


Will 2023 Bring More Black Clover?

In addition to season 5 of the show, famed anime developer Team Pierrot has also announced the release of a movie in 2023. While the film will be available to the general public from the start of 2024, episode 5 will not be released until most likely 2024 or later.

What Is The Number Of Fillers In Black Clover?

Approximately 10 percent of Black Clover series are termed filler, based on the web Animation Filler Ranking. Only 17 of the 170 Black Clover episodes, or the show, are filler.

Release Date of Black Clover Episode 157

Episode 157 of Black Clover is not released yet since the anime series is still ongoing. Black Clover Filler List Episode 157 was released shortly as the episode may be a filler. We’ve got some official details regarding that today, thanks to ANN. The person behind the news stated that ‘Episode 157’ might be a filler. We won’t get more information about Asta and his missions anymore, at least for now.

Is Black Clover Worth Watching Manga Series?

Nowadays, anime has become a cultural phenomenon in the whole world. One of the most popular genres is shonen anime which targeted at young boys. Black Clover or Burakku Kuroba stands on its own feet and has complex characters that were fun to watch.

It was the story that made fans adore this series and how Tabata-sensei progresses with it. The pacing jumps from action moments to comedy scenes where Asta tries to catch up with his rival Yuno, who seems too perfect for him. Even if two gifted kids are fighting each other, their rivalry does not make them dark characters nor aim to harm each other. They are very protective of each other, making them more endearing to the audience.

Characters and Plot: Black Clover Episode 157

As for the main protagonist, Asta is a very likable character since he tries his best despite being behind everyone else. He does not give up on his dream and refuses to rely on powers he does not have. The series follows its path with no intention of looking like another shonen anime like Bleach or Naruto. Black Clover has qualities that make it stand out in many ways. The next few arcs have focused on how their relationships change once they become knights. Black Clover is a great shonen anime that deserves more credit in the community. I highly recommend you watch it with your friends if popular opinions do not easily influence you.

The word “magic” is a common word used in stories, and it doesn’t always mean the same thing. The magic of Black Clover has various types that range from low class to high class, each with its unique usage and effects on its user and environment.

The foundation of the multiple types of magic on four elements:

Each of these four elements has its ranking. For example, Fire and Water rank as one while Lightning and Wind rank as two, and Earth and Void rank as three. Each magic is a numerical value that indicates its strength compared to the other types of magic. This order also applies when an individual or object possesses more than one elemental ability.

The concept of magic in Black Clover also means that the more powerful magicians can use more than one element simultaneously. As seen with several characters, some are even able to use all four elements at once. Yami is known as the most powerful wizard in the series because he can rely on any element, while Asta, on the other hand, can only rely on one element at a time. The Four-Element Ensemble magic allows users to enhance their elemental abilities or increase their physical capabilities beyond their normal limits.

However, the Asta and Yuno-centric episodes vary between good and bad. Some of the best flashback scenes happen in the earlier episodes. The biggest mistakes show up during those early episodes as well.

The first half is a mixed bag, and surprisingly, it’s better than the second half by a mile despite having three arcs: Elven Kingdom (Chapters 38-68), Seabed Temple (Chapters 69-119), and Dungeon (Chapter 120-174). The first two arcs take up 33 chapters, which is more than 1/4 of the total number of Black Clover.

Overall Review – Pros & Cons

Black Clover has an incredibly powerful protagonist. Asta has no magic, or rather he can’t use it. It makes him dependent on Yuno (a strong protagonist in his own right) and eventually enables them to grow stronger together through their undying friendship.

The protagonists complement each other very well. They bring out the best in each other with this contrasting personality that is cliche but still works. In some cases, Asta is what Yuno lacks. On other occasions, it’s the opposite. These two characters are almost like a female tsundere and a male kuudere, but the more I read the series, I realized that their relationship goes beyond those generic tropes. The first arc mainly focuses on the backstory of our hero Asta and his rival Yuno. A key element in the shonen series is developing your characters to achieve their goal together ultimately. Black Clover wastes little time on this aspect as it skips most of the tedious introduction elements. You can move forward with the plot rather than wasting time on Asta’s tragic past (although he is pitiful).

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