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Jackpot game win is a dream of many gamblers, from novices to gambling specialists who have yet to break the record. Some legendary jackpot games like Mega Moolah seem like a guarantee that the next golden casino winner crown will be yours. But how to ensure that you have at least more than average chances to snatch the life-changing win? Let us analyze your situation and perspectives!

1. Check the Provable Fairness: Is the Jackpot Game Fair?

The best online casinos strive to give gamblers high-quality, 100% random, and honest game opportunities. That is why they use Provably Fair algorithms that allow anyone to check the game’s fairness. Any casino that uses such technology is worth your attention as a potential jackpot winner.

2. Consider the Odds: They Should Be High

You should know that the odds are usually quite low when playing jackpot games. The higher the jackpot, the lower your chances of winning it. That is why you should only play those games where the jackpot size makes sense compared to the odds.

3. Volatility Is High, but Is RTP High?

High volatility means that the jackpot game you play is risky. But if the Return to Player (RTP) is also high, your chances of winning are pretty good. Before playing any casino game, you should always check both values, especially jackpots.

Many casinos neglect to post information about the RTP, but it is easily Googleable. That research takes two seconds and the same number of clicks. Nevertheless, it might be your key to winning the legendary sums. Your chosen game must have at least 90% RTP to make you a successful gambler.

4. Progressive or Non-Progressive?

The progressive jackpot grows with every new game until someone wins it. The non-progressive one has a fixed size that doesn’t change regardless of how many times the game was played. The odds are usually higher for non-progressives, so they are better for winning.

5. Try Jackpot Slots with Multiple Wins

Some jackpots are designed in a way that allows you to win several times. They usually have different levels with the corresponding payouts. Such games are better for winning than those where you can hit the jackpot only once.

6. Is There a Maximum Bet?

The smaller the maximum bet, the easier it is to wager the required amount and hit the jackpot. Avoid games with very high maximum bets if you are not a high roller.

7. Check If You Meet the requirements

You might have yet to meet certain requirements to be eligible for the jackpot. The most common one is to wager the maximum bet. Others include:

  • Playing a certain number of rounds.
  • Using a bonus.
  • Depositing on a particular day.

8. Try Small Jackpot Games if That Is Your First Attempt

Start with small jackpots if you are a green player in the casino gaming realm or want to try your luck without risking much. The chances to win them are usually higher, and the payouts are not that different from the regular slot game wins.

9. Do Not Play If You Are Not in a Good Mood

Your emotional state has more influence than you might think it does. Unfortunately, emotions (both positive and negative) might turn off our rationality. Remember that jackpot games are also highly, sometimes aggressively volatile, which might make you anxious or irritated after half an hour. So, always calm down before attempting and quit whenever you feel overwhelmed.

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10. Play Often but Make Those Sessions Small

The more you hit spin, the higher your chances of winning are. But do not forget self-control and only gamble on what you can afford to lose. Plus, consider making smaller bets and playing fewer rounds per session. It will help you control both your budget and emotions better.

Final Words

This checklist will help you understand if you are ready to win a jackpot. But remember that even if you are, luck is still the decisive factor here. So, always stay calm and do not get disappointed if you don’t succeed on the first try. Good luck!