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Enpertrises and language service providers prefer using the cloud-based translation management system to manage their localization projects, instead of manual translations. TMSs not just make the localization tasks hassle-free but also allow you to manage volumes of translation projects at a time. If you are planning to expand your business to a foreign marketplace then you should consider getting a professional TMS to effectively meet your localization project needs.  

TMSs contain features and tools to support your translation management and manage thousands of translators working remotely. Choosing the right TMS is the most important thing because it is going to have a huge impact on your localization.

Below is the list of one of the best TMS systems that you can consider using for localizing your business.

Best Cloud-Based Translation Management Systems


It is a SaaS translation management and localization platform; it allows you to easily translate your content to multiple foreign languages. This TMS is a perfect choice to translate technical content, such as web apps, mobile apps, software, games, etc. there are many leading companies using Transifex as their localization platform, including Microsoft, Eventbrite, Salesforce, Waze, and HubSpot. They also offer you a free 15-day trial to get your hands on this amazing TMS.


It is your one-stop cloud-based translation management system with unlimited features that would offer you a flawless localization experience. This localization platform promotes team collaboration and eliminates the communication gap between translators, designers, developers, and clients. With MarsHub, you’ll get fluent and fast translations without losing the context of the actual message. The agile workflows of this TMS make the translation process even more easy and efficient. It is the perfect platform indeed for you to attain a multilingual, global presence.


It is a professional cloud-based TMS that can process up to 2 billion words every month. It is a perfect choice for LSPs because it allows you to easily manage high volumes of translation projects on this TMS. Moreover. Memsource accepts more than 50 types of files, and its powerful workflow automation keeps the translation process agile. It also uses AI technology to maintain quality standards and keep translation culture-friendly.


Being one of the leading translation management systems, Smartling provides you with various tools and technologies to localize your global business. By using this TMS, you can localize your content across multiple devices. Its Enterprise Translation Cloud tool would allow you to get high-quality translations at a lower cost. Many big companies around the world prefer using this localization platform to fulfill their global expansion needs.


It is a trusted localization platform with an easy-to-operate user-friendly interface. It has a centralized system to keep the translation workflows agile and trouble-free. With this TMS platform, you can translate all types of digital content for websites, mobile apps, software, business documents, landing pages, etc. Moreover, It would smartly manage your remote and in-house localization team and ensure effective communication among translators, designers, vendors, and clients.


It is a cloud-based TMS that comes with a CAT tool. No need for any installations, you can operate it directly. It has a smart web API that allows translators to easily interact with Wordbee data. It makes the communication and collaboration between translation teams easier by streamlining the translation workflows. Wordbee is a reliable translation manager that allows you to integrate multiple enterprise content management systems.


It is an open-source TMS that offers seamless translations by connecting translators with businesses. So, the translators, LSPs, freelancers, or businesses working with SmartCat don’t have to worry about the license. It has many advanced features that allow you to automate translation workflow and pay the suppliers in just one click. The CAT feature of this TMS contains translation memory, glossaries, and other machine translation engines to maintain the translation quality standard.


It is a professional web-based translation management platform that offers safe and fast localization solutions. Pairapharse would resolve your translation challenges by eliminating all language barriers. It allows you to enhance your translation’s quality and productivity through automated tasks and reduce the overall cost. Moreover, it supports 24 different file formats and accommodates 100 languages. This TMS also offers enterprise-level security, so there will be no information breaches.


It is a full-service localization platform with advanced features that would allow your business to thrive in global markets. Lionbridge is the fastest growing name in the localization industry, and its AI-powered technology helps you meet the requirements of diversified marketplaces. It also allows you to track the real-time progress of your project including all updates.


It is an easy-to-use and agile localization platform that allows you to translate your content to multiple languages. POEditor is specially designed to promote effective collaboration between localization teams. You can also use this TMS to translate any type of content into any language. You just need to create an account with POEditor and get your free trial.


Undoubtedly, managing your translation project is a time-consuming job. The days of manual translations and file management processes are gone. Now, LSPs and companies prefer using a reliable TMS for localization projects. Moreover, the real challenge is to choose the right TMS that would meet your unique business localization needs. All of the TMSs mentioned in this article are reliable and offer fast and safe translation management processes. Based on your localization requirements, you can select the best TMS system for your business.

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