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One of the common mistakes people make about stopping an addiction is thinking it’s easy. Addiction recovery is not just about stopping to take the substance. It’s more about struggling to find balance back to everyday life. This process is a complex one, but it’s the right decision. It only takes time, determination, and commitment to succeed. If you’re scared of what you may face when you enroll for addiction recovery, here are some of the challenges;

Speaking about the addiction

A big challenge an addict will face is the ability to speak about the addiction problem. First off, even letting any relative know about this addiction is a big challenge for an addict. So when they want to speak about the situation to ask for help, they’ll shy away from an opportunity. This is primarily the first challenge of addiction recovery. By the way, check out this alcohol recovery center.

Returning to normalcy

For someone to become an addict, it doesn’t take days or weeks. Sometimes it even takes decades of constant consumption of the substance to get addicted. So over time, that lifestyle of addiction becomes the norm, and they begin to struggle with the former life. In addiction recovery, they have to return to normalcy slowly.

Low self-esteem

Most drugs and alcoholic substances have stimulator properties constituted within them. These substances help to increase the self-esteem of users. So when they are high, they feel very confident. But without the substance, they become timid. When they start addiction recovery, the low self-esteem hits them more.

Low self-esteem

Mending old relationships

As an addict, friendships, acquaintances, and other relationships will suffer. You’ll prefer to get high alone or with fellow addicts. This distance will affect the relationships. During this recovery, the ex-addict will struggle to try to fix the relationship.

Meeting new people

Addiction recovery, in most cases, always involves group meetings. For group meetings, you have to meet new people. Now, for someone whose best friend was a substance, mingling with new people is a big challenge. But with time and consistency, meeting new people isn’t so hard.

Lonely feeling

There are substances like ecstasy drugs that make you feel happy in your own company. The moment the effect of this drug fades, you begin to realize you’re alone. To recover from this kind of addiction, there’ll be chunks of lonely feeling at the beginning stages. This is why group addiction recovery is essential.


Memories don’t naturally fade very quickly. Even when they do, not the bad memories fade quickly. During addiction recovery, it’s normal to flashback and remembers your former lifestyle. These flashbacks can make you feel very emotional, and if you’re not careful, you may slip back. This is another challenge during addiction recovery.

Former life struggle

If an addict has a job before getting used to a substance, they’ll probably leave the job. After breaking free from that addiction, it is a considerable struggle to go back to that former lifestyle for a recovering addict. The best option is to take it slow and steady without any rush.

Money problems

Hard drugs and other substances are scarce and expensive to buy. This means that the lifestyle of an addict is quite costly. That is why it’s common for an addict to go bankrupt relatively easily. This is a major challenge a recovering addict will have to come back to face. But with the help of loyal friends and family, it may not be an issue.

Feeling disappointed.

This feeling comes mostly after you have recovered from that addiction challenge. They’ll begin to feel sad about your past lifestyle. This isn’t what you should focus on, but focus on living your best lifestyle.

If you are considering getting help for your alcohol addiction make sure you check all the alcohol addiction treatment options available in your area.

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